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Community Outreach

The Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CCDF) provides several opportunities for community outreach including public speaking, workshops, and open houses. 

Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Fair

The Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Fair, presented by EFSC students and faculty, occurs in both the Fall and Spring semesters. The fair is open to students, faculty, staff, and the public. It showcases booths and demonstrations related to privacy, digital safety, HIPAA, Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, and how to protect yourself from cyber threats.

Request the EFSC Cybersecurity Van

cvbersecurity white van with students in open doorwayThe EFSC Cybersecurity Van goes on location to  expand our connections to future students and the community around the field of Cyber Defense. Pop-Up events are a trending concept where stores or treasure hunts occur at venues across the country for a limited amount of time. A “Pop-Up CTF” is a capture the flag event where cybersecurity, forensics, and security awareness challenges are presented in a fair atmosphere. As part of the 2023 Cyber Pathways grant funding, the CCDF acquired the van to help host these types of events. On location, our bachelor cybersecurity students host capture the flags and bring awareness to modern trends in security and privacy. To request an event at your school or community event, contact us via email at

Elementary and High School Events

The CCDF Cyber Range, which focuses around Internet safety, cybersecurity demos and challenges, holds events for area elementary and high schools.

Cyber Academy

EFSC cybersecurity students and faculty host middle and high school students throughout the year for a day-long academy that includes presentations on protecting their digital footprint, privacy, and careers in cyber defense.     


Contact us at the CCDF for more information on public speaking or workshops for your school, business, or group.

Phone: 321-433-5161

Mailing Address:
EFSC Center for Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
250 Community College Pkwy SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909

Call or email to inquire about student internships at the CCDF.