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Two AutoCAD workers in a design factory.

AutoCAD Foundations - Certificate Program

Are you interested in bringing your ideas to life through computer-assisted design? Take the first step toward a career as a technical drafter or design professional with an AutoCAD Foundations Certificate from Eastern Florida.

As a technical drafter or designer, you'll create detailed drawings and plans for a wide range of projects, from spacecraft and houses to gas pipelines. You'll collaborate closely with engineers, designers, scientists, and other professionals to help design new products.

This College Credit Certificate (CCC) program will equip you with the skills to operate Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) hardware and software. You'll learn about wire frame and solids modeling, land development drawings using CAD, and gain expertise in the 3D environment.

The credits you earn in this certificate program can be applied toward Eastern Florida's Computer-Aided Drafting and Design A.S. degree. You have the opportunity to earn the certificate while working toward your A.S. degree, maximizing your educational achievements.

AutoCad Foundations Certificate - Course Curriculum

In this concise set of four courses, you'll learn the fundamentals of using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) and design programs. Each class at the college builds on the knowledge and skills you gained in the previous one.

AutoCAD Foundations - Certificate Program

Program Overview

Certificate Type
College Credit Certificate
Delivery Methods
On-Campus, Hybrid
Cocoa, Melbourne
Total Credit Hours
Academic Community
Industry/Manufacturing & Construction
Contact Information

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Palm Bay via Teams

Our goal is to familiarize you with a variety of professional tools and platforms, providing hands-on instruction to help you quickly expand your technical skills.

AutoCAD Foundations Certificate - Admissions Information

You're in luck with this 14-credit-hour certificate program! There are no general education course requirements, and you don't need to worry about placement testing. Just follow EFSC's traditional enrollment process to apply for the AutoCAD Foundations Certificate program. The best part is that this CCC has rolling admissions, meaning you can apply or start classes in any term that suits you. Take the first step toward acquiring your AutoCAD skills, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of computer-assisted design!

Brief Costs and Financial Aid Eligibility

The total in-state cost of tuition for this certificate program is approximately $1,460. Keep in mind that this amount does not cover additional fees for labs or course materials. Since the program is relatively short in length, it does not qualify for Federal financial aid on its own. However, if you pursue the certificate as part of the longer A.S. degree, you may become eligible for Federal financial aid.

Don't worry though — as a certificate-only student, you still have options to help with tuition. You can utilize Florida Bright Futures Scholarships, the Nelnet Payment Plan, or your Florida Prepaid funds. Furthermore, there are opportunities for additional financial assistance. You may qualify for Titan Scholarships provided by the EFSC Foundation, scholarships offered by external organizations, and Veterans Educational Benefits. Explore these options to make your educational journey even more affordable!

College Courses You Would Take

Get ready for a hands-on learning experience! When you enroll in the AutoCAD Foundations Certificate program, you'll attend classes held in computer labs equipped with top-notch hardware and up-to-date software. The certificate curriculum consists of four classes that offer cutting-edge training in AutoCAD. It's important to note that these classes must be taken in a specific order, which means it'll take you at least two semesters to complete the certificate.

Here are the courses you'll take:

Why Get an AutoCAD Certificate at EFSC?

Future Employment and Degree Options

If you're interested in furthering your education, this certificate is a part of EFSC's two-year Computer-Aided Drafting and Design A.S. degree program. That means you have the opportunity to continue your studies right here at Eastern Florida State College!

Drafters also enter the workforce in various fields, with one-third in engineering and architectural services, one-third in manufacturing, and the rest in construction and utilities. By pursuing an associate degree from EFSC, you open up access to future professional roles, such as:

  • CAD Operator/Specialist or Drafting Technician/Specialist
  • Drafting and Design Technician
  • Mechanical Engineering Assistant
  • Drafting Designer
  • Mechanical, Tooling, Electrical, Civil, or Architectural Drafter

High-Tech, Hands-On Learning - Directly From the Professionals

The instructors in EFSC's program are highly qualified professionals with academic degrees and extensive experience in the engineering field. They're passionate about imparting their knowledge and skills to students, particularly in specialized software applications crucial to this industry. Alongside teaching software proficiency, they also emphasize the significance of adhering to drafting standards, delivering technical drawings effectively, and using industry-specific terminology.

Related Associate and Certificate Programs

If you have questions about how a certificate program, such as the AutoCAD Foundations CCC, can build toward the related associate degree, or want to know more about any related program, reach out to an EFSC academic advisor.