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Language Assistance Lab

The Language Lab has an inviting learning atmosphere with student centered stations and computers. The Melbourne campus offers assistance with different languages: Spanish, French, German, and ASL.

The Language Lab is open for all EFSC for-credit language learners on campus and off campus, as well as online and independent study students.

No appointment is necessary to use the lab.

Melbourne Language Lab
Building 1, Room 208

Monday through Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Thursdays: 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM; Reopening from 4 - 5:30 PM

Please call or email to verify lab hours
Phone number: 321-433-5678

Orientations: Given at the beginning of each semester, orientation sessions provide information to students about the lab and its functions. All 4-credit hour foreign language courses require a minimum of sixteen hours of either online homework time or recorded attendance in the language lab. The deadline for this is set at the Orientation and students register to use the lab. A lab agreement form is required.

Lab Visit Tracking: Lab staff sign students in so the lab can monitor attendance.

Language Tutoring: Language assistance and tutoring when available is provided by the Lab staff. The schedule is posted on the door and also sent to all language instructors on campus.

It's recommended that students in need of one-on-one tutoring schedule an appointment. Contact information is listed above.

Conversation Practice: Every semester the Lab offers student-led conversation sessions and cultural and interactive language events to promote and support the learning that goes on in the classrooms. The presentations serve as motivational tools and aid in retention with language learning.

Make-Up Exam Location: Language instructors use the lab if needed for exams.

The lab’s vision and belief is that language learning is not a solitary experience. Students with online components also utilize the lab for group studies, assistance, and motivation for languages and cultures.

The Language Lab staff is carefully selected and all student workers are either bilingual or are enrolled in a language course. Everyone shares a passion for languages and cultures.

The lab’s aim is to provide a dynamic and productive learning atmosphere and to support language learning in all five languages that are offered on the Melbourne campus and
throughout EFSC. Cultural exchanges are welcomed and International students are invited to all cultural activities.

Services available to EFSC students registered in for-credit language courses include:

  • Guided assistance with homework and tutoring
  • Proctoring of make-up exams in a variety of languages
  • Individual or Group studies
  • Scheduled conversation sessions in various languages as needed.
  • Planned cultural events
  • Computer use
  • Independent studies: learning place to go to for help and meet up with students and instructors
  • Technical assistance with online learning
  • Extra credit material recommended by instructors
  • Current resources such as movies and a variety of supplemental material
  • Opportunity for EFSC foreign language students who have an interest in other cultures and languages to volunteer.