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How to Make an Appointment

Meet With an ASC or Writing Center Tutor

EFSC tutors are here to help you, whether it's online or in person!

To receive online tutoring via Microsoft Teams, you need to make an appointment. If you prefer in-person tutoring on campus, you have the option to either set up an appointment or simply walk in (although we strongly recommend scheduling an appointment to reduce potential wait times).

Keep in mind these important appointment guidelines:

Questions? Contact any EFSC Academic Success Center for help.

Follow These Steps to Schedule an Appointment

Log in to myEFSC and Open Navigate

Log in to the myEFSC portal using your Titan Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials:

myEFSC Student Portal

Click or tap the "Navigate Student Resources" icon and log in if required.
Navigate Icon

Create a New Appointment

Scheduling drop-down with different types of appointments under the heading "What can we help you find?"

Select "Appointments,” then click or tap the blue "Schedule Appointment" button.

In the New Appointment section, use the dropdown to choose "Academic Success Center" for either ASC or Writing Center appointments.

Also select the service:

  • Course-Based Tutoring
  • Writing Assistance

Pick a date and click or tap "Find Available Time."

Specify the Appointment Details

Select "In-Person" or "Virtual" for the meeting type.

If the appointment is in-person, select a campus to see the tutors available for that campus.

For virtual appointments via MS Teams, you can select a specific tutor (if desired) or choose from available times with any campus tutor.

Pick an available time slot.

Review, Confirm, and Attend Your Appointment

Review your appointment details, confirm the meeting type (in-person or virtual), and configure email and/or text reminders if needed.

Click or tap "Schedule" to schedule your appointment and then check for a confirmation email via your Titan student email.

If your appointment is in person, go to the ASC location for your campus.

If your appointment is virtual/online, use the link in the confirmation email to connect with your tutor via Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is a free application that is part of the same Outlook 365 package that you use for student email. Your best experience attending live tutoring in Teams is by downloading the Microsoft Teams app, either from a link option below or from the applicable app store for your device.