Where can an EFSC degree take you?

Eastern Florida State College offers a high quality education close to home — then once you earn your associate's degree you can transfer to the college or university of your choice to complete a bachelor's degree (or stay right here at EFSC as a junior in our new bachelor's programs).

The general Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree is the best choice to transfer directly into most bachelor programs, but our Associate in Science degrees also provide transfer options, especially directly into EFSC's Bachelor of Applied Science four-year degrees. Eastern Florida has prepared Transfer GPS: Graduation Pathway for Success for the most popular bachelor programs. Each Transfer GPS outlines recommended coursework while completing your A.A. that would best prepare you to transfer into your intended four-year program.

Eastern Florida has a collection of articulation agreements in place, the formal documents that spell out the transfer process after getting an EFSC degree. Plus below is a general look at your transfer options with a two-year degree. FloridaShines, the state's online college advising and records system and a service of the Florida Virtual Campus, also provides invaluable resources on your transfer rights.

Bachelor's Degree from Eastern Florida

Eastern Florida State College now offers 17 bachelor degree specializations in high-demand career fields. Explore the Bachelor's Degree options that provide a lower-cost option to earn the higher degree often needed for career advancement.

Direct Connect to UCF

EFSC partners with the University of Central Florida to offer DirectConnect to UCF, which provides guaranteed entry* to UCF for Eastern Florida A.A. and A.S. graduates. (*Consistent with university policy. Limited- and restricted-access UCF programs may require an additional admission process and prerequisites). Talk with an advisor and learn more about DirectConnect online. Also ask about an agreement that can put EFSC A.A. degree students on course for automatic acceptance into nine engineering tracks within UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Florida Tech Track

As a top private university located in Melbourne, FL, Florida Tech, also known as FIT, eases the application process for students interested in the EFSC–Florida Tech Track and offers transfer scholarships. Students must enroll in an approved Associate of Arts degree program and then apply to Florida Tech before earning 30 credits at EFSC. Learn more about our Florida Tech Track partnership. Students interested in civil, chemical and ocean engineering degrees at Florida Tech can also explore Eastern Florida's FITS-STEM Program with the potential for $10,000 annual FIT scholarships. An agreement also gives students in EFSC’s Organizational Management Bachelor of Applied Science program a path into FIT’s SmartTrack MBA program when they reach their senior level and maintain a 3.4 GPA. Participants would also be allowed to earn six credits at EFSC at reduced cost toward the FIT MBA.

Florida Public Universities

In what's referred to as the 2+2 system, the State of Florida guarantees that students who complete their A.A. degree here at EFSC can apply to earn a bachelor’s degree from one of Florida's 12 state universities. Transfer or articulation agreements and the state's transfer process protect the credits earned by students during their freshman and sophomore years at Florida colleges such as EFSC. Acceptance at a student's first-choice university is not guaranteed as colleges within Florida's universities have their own acceptance requirements. Be sure to review the catalog of the university you're interested in and check with its admissions team to be sure you will meet its requirements.

Florida Private Universities

Through statewide agreements, once you've earned your A.A. degree, articulation agreements and the Florida College and University system's transfer process protect your credits earned at EFSC so you can continue your education at articulated private institutions.

Out-of-State Programs

Since Eastern Florida State College is regionally accredited, most courses will transfer to colleges and universities across the United States. As you plan your next steps, check the admission's guidelines at the institution you're interested in and follow their process for transfer students.

A Wise Decision

Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden

EFSC Graduate
UCF Student

"The DirectConnect application process took almost no effort. Plus, smaller class sizes at EFSC certainly helped ease me into the academic lifestyle. It was like learning to swim first in a small pond before jumping headfirst into the ocean. I am now a competent, well- prepared UCF student thanks to my time at EFSC."