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An audience of students with text reading "MMI: Minority Male Initiative."

Get Involved to Build Your Future

The Minority Male Initiative (MMI) at Eastern Florida State College is all about helping you achieve your dreams. We know that juggling college and life can be challenging, so the extra support built in to MMI can make a difference in your success.

The MMI's mission is to improve the retention and completion rates for men of color at EFSC, plus make the journey more rewarding — and even fun! Membership in this collegewide organization provides numerous benefits including:

  • Personalized Mentoring/Advising: Faculty members dedicated to your success have volunteered as mentors to guide you through the challenges of higher education, help you establish goals, and track your progress.
  • MMI Student Club/Peer Support: Build a mutual support system with peers on your campus, with virtual club meetings to accommodate all students. If you have any questions or concerns about MMI meetings, please contact club sponsor Dr. Wayne Brown at
  • Tutoring Connections: Take advantage of customized tutoring in EFSC's Academic Success Centers including both peer and professional tutors.
  • Dedicated Digital Space: My MMI, conveniently located inside EFSC's Canvas online classroom system, provides information about college resources on each campus including financial aid, academic support, life skills training, internships, and more. Plus, MMI members can digitally chat with fellow cohort members and faculty mentors.
  • Networking/On- and Off-Campus Events: This is where the rubber meets the road, sometime literally, through events at EFSC, plus off-campus trips to other colleges or out-of-town conferences for men of color. 
  • Scholarships and Financial Assistance Opportunities:  We'll provide information from private, state, federal, and EFSC Foundation sources designed to help you pay for college.
  • Research Guidance: Access scholarly articles that impact your education, plus resources to conduct hands-on research projects that can enhance your student resume.

The first step to joining the MMI is to fill out the questionnaire on this page or get in touch with a representative listed in the contacts tab. You'll soon be connected with personalized resources dedicated to helping you find that clear, achievable pathway to success!

All students at EFSC are welcome to participate in the Minority Male Initiative.

Fill out and submit the MMI Interest Questionnaire, and we'll be in touch.
Enter the term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and the year you expect to graduate from EFSC.
Would you be interested in taking on an MMI leadership role?*

Have questions? Get in touch with an MMI representative on your campus or at the program level.

Cocoa/Titusville Campuses

Wayne Brown

Thomas Highsmith 

Patrick Robinson

Melbourne Campus

Dr. Roland Chambers

Dr. Darryl Davis

Palm Bay Campus

Dr. Michael Daniels 

Ancel Robinson, Jr. 

Andrew Forbes

Program Contacts

Dr. Michael A. Cadore

Thomas Highsmith 

Khush Patel - MMI Club President

Khush Patel, MMI Student Club President

"Growing up in a multicultural environment, I developed an understanding of the unique challenges that minority men often face in education. I want to help create connections between other minority men and hopefully these connections will benefit those who need it in the future. I aim to empower these young men and let them know we have the tools and resources needed to help them achieve their dreams."

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