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Eight people and Mr. Titan in Green Dot T-shirts hold up Green Dot swag in a gymnasium.

Green Dot at EFSC

Eastern Florida State College believes that preventing power-based violence is the responsibility of the entire community.

That's why we're part of the National Green Dot Initiative, which equips individuals with the skills and resources they need to reduce violence and make the world a safer place.

By letting go of historically ineffective approaches, we all have the capacity to implement a successful violence prevention strategy.

Green dots represent any choice, word, attitude, or behavior that promotes safety and communicates an intolerance of violence.

Red dots are the real and potential acts of violence that take place in our communities every day. Through green dot actions, we can replace those moments of violence with moments of support and safety.

Green Dot at EFSC is funded by the Florida Department of Health in partnership with the Women's Center in Brevard.

About the Green Dot Initiative

Green Dot is a national effort built on the premise that we can measurably and systematically reduce violence within any given community.

The effort was founded on the belief that current research across disciplines, in combination with lessons learned from history, provides nearly all of the necessary puzzle pieces to create a successful model of violence prevention.

Green Dot at EFSC

Green Dot Program

Barbara Kennedy
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Given this foundation of knowledge, we believe that any group committed to equipping themselves with the necessary skills and willing to let go of historically ineffective approaches has the capacity to implement a successful violence prevention strategy.

Although Green Dot's primary mission is the reduction of power-based personal violence, the effort also recognizes the inextricable link between effective prevention and effective intervention. The mission includes a dedication to strengthening intervention services and strategies across all forms of violence.

A History of Making an Impact - Nationally and at EFSC

What started as a program on one college campus in 2006 spread nationwide, and in 2017 Green Dot expanded its mission and adopted the new name Alteristic for its parent organization. Alteristic embraces its role as a social accelerator, aimed at capitalizing on inherent human good to lead to positive change.

A group photo of students wearing Green Dot tees after a training session
A female student grabbing a snow cone at a Green Dot campus event
Two students pose for a photo wearing Green Dot Tees while holding a tumblers that have the Green Dot logo on them
Dr. Barbara Kennedy presenting the introduction slide of a PowerPoint at a Green Dot Bystander Training session on the Melbourne Campus as students attentively listen
A student taking notes during a training session
Students participating in a Green Dot Session and working collaboratively
Green Dot event flyer and messaging
Students checking into a Green Dot event and looking at freebies and activity items
Dr. Barbara Kennedy and Mr. Titan posing for a photo in Green Dot tee shirts with another person
Green Dot speaker and presenters leading an event and speaking to the crowd.
Green Dot presenters and community representatives pose for a photo holding a Green Dot Banner that says, "No one has to do everything", "What's your Green Dot?", and "Ending violence, one green dot at a time".
Students participating in a Green Dot Session and working collaboratively
Mr. Titan wearing a Green Dot shirt and holding up a mini Green Dot basketball

Bystander Training

The Green Dot workshop strategy is a comprehensive approach to prevent sexual assault and violence through the power of peer and cultural influence, targeting the EFSC community as potential agents of social change.

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