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For questions or to join WiHE, contact:

Dr. Ashley Spring 

Women in Higher Education

WiHE Volunteers
Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

Did you know only 30% of U.S. colleges and universities were led by women in 2017? 

Women in Higher Education (WiHE) is a college-wide committee open to all faculty and staff at Eastern Florida State College that strives to:

  • Share professional and personal networking opportunities
  • Encourage pursuit of the next step in a career path or graduate degree
  • Recognize women’s accomplishments at the College and through Women’s History Month
  • Support Brevard County through volunteering
  • Empower students to pursue higher education

Mission Statement: The Women in Higher Education (WiHE) committee at EFSC supports women in higher education through professional growth, personal networking, highlighting women’s accomplishments, and serving the community through mentoring and volunteering. The committee is open to all EFSC faculty and staff.

Current Members
  • Dr. Erin Baird, Director, Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Dr. Mary Bruno, Instructor, Dental Assisting
  • Suebrenia Calhoun, Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Lori Campbell, Director, Campus Admissions & Records
  • Monica Hixson, Associate Professor, Speech Communications
  • Amy Krewson, Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness & Research
  • Susan Slaton, Administrative Support, Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Dr. Ramona Smith, Professor, Science
  • Dr. Sarah Stoeckel, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Diane Taylor, Administrative Support Specialist, Office of the Dean
  • Sherry Van Winkle, Student Advisor, Career and Technical Programs
  • Katelyn Vollmer, Administrative Support, Applied Health Sciences
  • Rachel Allen, Project Specialist, Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • Marina Baratian, Professor, Psychology                    
  • Jill Bloomstine, Instructor, Accounting    
  • Korie Carter, Assistant Professor, Drafting and Design                    
  • Kim Castle, Director, Campus Admissions & Records                    
  • Dr. Sharon Cronk-Raby, Collegewide Chair, Communications                    
  • Shannon Dexter, Associate Professor, Math                    
  • Pilar Florenz, Assistant Professor, World Languages                    
  • Melody Gast, Campus Advising Coordinator                    
  • Tonia Graham, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice                    
  • Lisa Hanney, Coordinator, Career Planning and Development                    
  • Stephanie Jarvis, Instructor, Communications                    
  • Kim Johnson, Bachelor Advisor                    
  • Sharon Kline, Assistant Professor, Psychology                    
  • Marika Koch, Associate Professor, Education                    
  • Julie Manuel, Instructor, Math                    
  • Alissa Martinez, Academic Advisor                      
  • Kathleen Moore, Lecturer, Humanities                    
  • Dawn Niehoff, Event Coordinator, EFSC Foundation                    
  • Dr. Maria Parnell, Professor, Communications                    
  • Brooke Rael, Math Learning Specialist, TRiO                    
  • Dr. Cheryl Renee, Professor, Communications                    
  • Ana Rhodes, International Advisor                      
  • Janelis Rodriguez, Student Advisor                      
  • Dr. Kristin Schroeder, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
  • Marian Smith, Assistant Professor, Library                    
  • Dr. Ashley Spring, Professor, Science                    
  • Carolyn VanBergen, Assistant Professor, English                    
  • Erin Vorke, Instructor, Math                    
  • Patty Wallace, Assistant Professor, Psychology/Human Services                    
  • Dr. Holly Wendel, Assistant Professor, Math  
Palm Bay
  • Lisa Gill, Coordinator, Advising                    
  • Adrianna Perry, Student Advisor  
  • Doreen Erickson, Director, Campus Admissions and Advisement                    
  • Julie Haun, Dual Enrollment, Academic Advisor                    
  • Delissa Layne, Academic Advisor    
WiHE Student Mentoring Resources

Women in Higher Education (WiHE) has a Mentoring program supporting EFSC students from domestic violence shelters and homeless centers. To help students succeed, each student is matched with a Mentor from EFSC’s Women in Higher Education committee who regularly meets with the student to support their success in college.

Resources for students:
Resources for WiHE Mentors: