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Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Disability Waivers

Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) provides waivers to students with disabilities as defined in Section 1004.02(7) of the Florida Statutes to meet the career basic skills grade levels required for completion of career and technical programs as described in rule 6A-10.040 (2).

An EFSC student with a documented disability, that is registered with Student Access for Improved Learning (SAIL), and has completed a career and technical program of study with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater, may petition to receive a waiver for the TABE exit exam after attempting to pass it on at least two occasions.

Prerequisites for Requesting an Exemption of the TABE Exit Requirement

  1. The student must have completed the career and technical program of study with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater;
  2. Student must have the recommendation of the program manager;
  3. Student must have documentation on file in SAIL that shows student’s disability substantially interferes with his/her ability to pass the TABE exit requirements;
  4. Student must have taken the TABE two times before petitioning for an exemption.

Process to Request a TABE Exemption

  1. Students will complete and submit a TABE Waiver Request Form after meeting the requirements listed above. In addition to that link, the form is available in any SAIL office. A TABE Waiver committee will convene to deliberate the waiver request. The Committee may consider the following:
    1. The student has a disability that substantially interferes with the ability to pass the TABE exit requirements and is registered with SAIL;
    2. The student’s achievement in the career and technical program of study;
    3. The student’s remediation effort to satisfy the TABE exit requirement;
    4. The student’s job opportunities and any other pertinent data.
  2. The Committee shall approve or disapprove the student’s request for a TABE Waiver based on a majority vote.
  3. The TABE Waiver committee may include the following college officials:
    1. The program manager of the specific  program of study or designee
    2. The Associate Dean of Student Success and Support
    3. The SAIL Director or designee
    4. The Coordinator, Collegewide Testing or designee
  4. Documentation of a student’s petition for TABE Waiver shall be maintained by the College for audit purposes. EFSC may report a student with a TABE Waiver as a program completer.
  5. Whenever the committee denies a student’s petition for a waiver of the TABE exit requirement, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Learning Officer. The student must file a written appeal within thirty (30) days of receiving the written notification of disapproval. The Vice President shall render a decision in writing to the student within thirty (30) days after receiving the appeal.