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Collegewide Academic Chairs

Eastern Florida State College has collegewide chairs covering multiple academic disciplines. These chairs coordinate course delivery and student appeals for all four EFSC campuses and Eastern Florida Online.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Chair (Dean is interim contact)
Dr. Phil Simpson
Email: Phone: 321-433-5150

Career & Technical: Computer Science and Advanced Technology Chair
(Includes Aerospace, Computer Science and Cybersecurity A.S. and BAS, Culinary, Drafting, Engineering Technology, Graphics, TV/Digital Media)
Dr. Michael Daniels
Email: Phone: 321-433-5205

Career & Technical: Business and Applied Technology Chair
(Includes Accounting, Aviation, Business & Entrepreneurship A.S., Organizational Management BAS, Cosmetology, Economics, HVAC, Legal Assisting/Paralegal, Office Administration, and Welding)
Mr. Andrew Lieb
Email: Phone: 321-433-5411

Communications and Library Science Chair
Dr. Sharon Cronk-Raby
Email: Phone: 321-433-5703

Education, Human Services, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice and Crime Scene Technology Chair
Dr. Holly McKnight
Email: Phone: 321-433-5355

Health Sciences: Hospital-Based Chair
Dr. Karen Spurlock
Email: Phone: 321-433-5042

Health Sciences: Community-Based Chair
Ms. Marianne D'Altilio
Email: Phone: 321-433-7151

Mathematics and Engineering Chair
Ms. Beth Rountree
Email: Phone: 321-433-7183 

Natural and Physical Sciences Chair
Mr. Jimmy Gamez
Email: Phone: 321-433-7653

Public Safety Dean and Chair
Mr. Steve Salvo
Email: Phone: 321-433-5775

Appeals Information

For questions related to academic or administrative appeals coordinated through the academic chair offices, view the student appeals process web page. Appeals are coordinated by the Collegewide Chair for the academic discipline that the course or program falls under. Documents can be submitted to the appropriate collegewide chair through the secure, electronic Student Document Dropbox available after logging in to the myEFSC Portal. Each academic discipline is listed in the "Select Office" dropdown section of the dropbox. View details on using the dropbox.

Course Overrides

Students may request an override into a specific course because a course is full or for other reasons. Course override exceptions are not the norm at EFSC and alternate options should be discussed with an advisor before taking this route.

Some overrides may not be allowed due to state or institutional guidelines. However, students may ask for override consideration but should understand that approval is at the discretion of both the course instructor and collegewide chair.