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Student Accident Insurance

Coverage Overview

The Education/Training Student Accident Insurance program is a fully insured policy underwritten by QBE Insurance Group (QBE). This certificate of insurance provides coverage for registered students in the named education/training courses on file with QBE while the students are:

  • Participating in college courses, labs or clinical training activities that are sponsored by EFSC and on the premises designated and supervised by the College
  • On the premises used for classes, labs or clinical training as designated by the College
  • Traveling with a group in connection with these activities under the direct supervision of the College

Coverage under this policy ends when the applicable course or program of study ends. The policy does not provide coverage for returning students who wish to take agility tests, recertification exams, etc., unless said students are enrolled in a course. View the QBE Insurance overview flyer for more details on what's coverd and claims reporting, plus review the EFSC-specific information below.

Student accident insurance provides coverage to the students for injuries they incur while participating in their covered curriculum. The covered curriculums can include those outside the allied health arena.

Please note: This policy provides excess coverage. Any other coverage available to a student would be primary.

The Florida College System Risk Management Consortium also has provided a brief summary of coverage with details and a frequently asked questions section.

Reporting a Claim
  • Call 9-1-1 (if necessary), prior to contacting Campus Security
  • Avoid making any statements about what happened or making promises to an injured person at the scene
  • Call Campus Security
  • Titusville: 321-403-4200
  • Cocoa: 321-403-5907
  • Melbourne: 321-403-5909
  • Palm Bay: 321-403-5911
  • Fill out an Accident Incident Form (Campus Security will assist you as part of their case report)
  • Fill out an Education/Training Student Accident Claim Form. To comply with policy provisions, this form must be submitted to Risk Management within seven (7) days of the injury in order for it to be submitted to A-G Administrators.
  • When visiting a medical provider related to the accident, provide them with your primary health insurance information plus present them with this Student Accident Insurance 2024-25 indentification card, which can be downloaded and printed if needed.

Students are responsible for submitting all related medical bills resulting from an injury, as well as any other supporting documentation.

Example of a Claim: Student suffers a laceration requiring medical attention while participating in a clinical experience as part of his or her education or training coursework.

For covered programs or any other questions, contact Risk Management at 321-433-5559.

View additional information about Risk Management Claims.