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Printing & Graphics Services

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Location: Cocoa Campus
Building 14, Rm. 147
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Printing & Graphics Services

Collegewide Printing & Graphic Services (CWP&GS) serves the printing needs of EFSC faculty and staff, including same-day, high-speed copy services. Our goal is to provide excellent service and quality at consistently competitive prices. We accomplish this by having the very best staff available, an excellent relationship with leading vendors, and most of all, a positive attitude. Additionally, the Graphics team provides professional design services to the College, including brochures, banners, programs, invitations, posters, and web design.

Questions? Call us at 321-433-7486 or 321-433-7489 or email

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Banners & Posters

Collegewide Printing designs and prints posters up to 23”x35” in four color process and can be mounted on foam board. Banners are also designed and printed in a variety of sizes beginning with 3 foot x 6 foot, grommets can be added for convenient display.

Booklet Production

Offline booklet maker supports a variety of stocks with a 10 bin capacity parent sheet size 8 ½ x 11, 8 ½ x 14 and 11x17.

Bulk Mailing

CWP&GS saves in postal fees due to our bulk mail sorting system. Because we utilize Sartori Bulk Mailing software that links to the U.S. Postal Service to print the bar codes on all bulk mailers, the Post Office can use its automated equipment to sort mail by route and mail carrier. This software also pulls bad addresses from the mailing list, offering a substantial savings to EFSC by virtually eliminating returned mail.

The Neopost DS-85 has the capability of addressing, inserting two flat sheets of 8 ½ x 11, a 3x5 card, or a #9 self addressed envelope or a folded brochure and printing a letter on letterhead stock, fold all these pieces and insert into a #10 envelope and seal the envelopes. This capability plus the Bulk Mailer software containing information from the US Postal Service to check addresses allows EFSC to presort the mail as to zip code, street, carrier route to take advantage of the postal savings. Currently first class postage is .51 cents per piece and .39-.45 presorted checked. However with the discounts afforded by this process EFSC pays .13-.18 cents per piece. As an added bonus of eliminating bad addresses before the mailing, EFSC saves on returned mail. The post office charges full rate for returned mail. Post cards are handled in this same manner. EFSC now has the capabilities of doing targeted mailings (EDDM) in an entire zipcode or certain routes within a zipcode for about .07 cents per piece. 

Copy Service

We can handle your syllabi, handouts, tests, and other printing needs, including stapling, spiral binding or perfect binding.

Service is fast: submit your project by 7 AM via our online Print Shop Pro Work Order System (or send it campus mail or drop it by our Cocoa office) and your completed job will be sent to you through Campus Mail by 8:30 AM that same day! It's a level of service you can't beat and it's much more cost effective then using a department copy machine that's not designed for such a heavy print load.

When you submit your job, include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Campus, Building and Room #
  • Details about how you want it copied: ie. single or double-sided
  • Do you want it collated and stapled?
  • Do you need it hole-punched for a three-hole binder or two-holes at the top?
  • Any special instructions or need for binding?

Any questions, just call us at 321-433-7486 or 321-433-7489.

Copyright Infringement Punishable by Fine/Imprisonment: Federal law prohibits unauthorized reproduction/distribution of copyrighted material. It is your obligation to ensure material requested for reproduction is not copyrighted or that your use of copyrighted work does not constitute copyright infringement. You'll find more information on copyright issues in the Library Copyright LibGuide.

Color Copies

Resolutions up to 1200 dpi for reproduction of images, text, graphics and tonal gradations. Scan-To destinations, including e-mail, URL, FTP, SMB, mailbox, hold queue, and more. Preview, modify and reprint documents without re-Ripping them by storing them on the 410 GB Document Server. Prints at 90 page per minute on a broad range of conventional and specialty stocks in sizes up to 13” x 19.2”.

Digital Imaging System

Multifunction copier, printer, scanner. Prints at 110 copies per minute, scans at 80 originals per minute at 200 dpi. Prints on a variety of paper stocks, collates, staples in two positions and both have booklet makers. Supports Windows, MAC, UNIX Sun plus more. Scanning output to e-mail; formats include Tiff, Jpeg, PDF and high compressions PDF.


Collegewide Printing has two folders which can fold a variety of stock and sizes. Folding capabilities include right angle fold, double parallel fold, gate fold, tri fold, z-fold and letter fold.

Graphic Design

The Department includes highly experienced graphic designers capable of designing for all print media, plus web design.


Up to 24 inches wide and 500 feet in length.

Offest Printing

We have a Presstek 34DI waterless four-color press capable of printing 13 3/8 x 18 sheet size.

Online Job Submission System

Need Printing or Graphic Services? Access the Print Shop Pro Work Order System.

Perfect Binding (Glue Book Binding)

Up to 250 sheets of paper, variety of stocks.

Spiral Binding (Comb Binding)

A variety of stocks up to 2” combs available.