Check out weekly job listings

Check out weekly job listings

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What is your passion? What do you enjoy doing? If you could have any career in the world, what would it be? Do you need help to discover your passion and turn that desire & dream into a wonderful career?

Career Planning is an essential component of a well-rounded education — that's why Eastern Florida State College offers the college-wide Career Planning & Development Center, with a location on each campus. When you include career planning in each stage of your college experience, you can assess how your education and training at Eastern Florida can help you reach your goal of becoming a skilled and marketable employee.

Our Centers are designed to help you whether you're choosing your first career or switching careers for the tenth time. We provide resources for students, alumni, employers and job-seekers from the community, including:

• Self-Assessment and career exploration
• Employment Resources and Job Fairs
• Resume Review and Interview Tips
• Career Enrichment Workshops

Career Center Locations

EFSC/UCF Library

Building 12, Room 307


Betty B. Parrish Student Center

Building 10, Room 112


Library/Science Building

Building 2, Room 163


Student Center/Bookstore

Building 3, Room 121


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Director's Message

Gloria A. Meeks

Collegewide Associate Director, Career Planning & Development Center

The Career Planning and Development Centers staff provides consistent and professional knowledge related to career choice, professional development and facilitating job placement. We encourage you to access the Career Center services at the beginning of the enrollment process as we are one of the most important tools for your success.