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Important Admissions Test Note

Beginning with the January 2016 Law Enforcement Academy all applicants will be required to pass an updated version of the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) in order to be eligible to attend the Law Enforcement Academy at EFSC. The test is more challenging, timed and has a required qualifying score. We are providing advance notice so that applicants have ample time to develop their physical fitness levels to successfully pass the test. Click here to view the new requirements. Applicants having questions may call 321-433-5638 or email us at You can also learn more about the updated PAT in this Brevard County Sheriff's Office video.

The Brevard Police Testing & Selection Center (BPTC) recruits, screens, tests and investigates applicants for law enforcement training and employment consideration by Brevard County law enforcement agencies.

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BPTC is located at the Public Safety Institute, on the Melbourne Campus of Eastern Florida State College.

The Center was created by an act of the Florida Legislature in 1987 to support law enforcement agencies in Brevard in the selection and screening of entry-level law enforcement officers. BPTC is governed by a board of directors that includes the Brevard County Sheriff, Chiefs of Police, the State Attorney and Eastern Florida State College members.

BPTC is the primary point-of-contact for applicants wishing to attend the Eastern Florida State College Law Enforcement Academy or apply for inclusion in the county-wide employment pool. The Center also provides Equivalency of Training evaluations, assisting federal, military and out-of-state law enforcement officers seeking to become certified as a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida. The Sheriff of Brevard County or any Brevard Chief of Police may also direct their respective agencies' applicants to BPTC for screening.

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BPTC Information

Administration & Funding

BPTC is administered through an agreement with Eastern Florida State College. BPTC is funded through a surcharge on criminal and civil fines levied in Brevard County and by user fees for testing and records checks. Because of this funding structure BPTC provides its services without additional taxpayer funding. BPTC also pays Eastern Florida State College for office space and the cost of administration with no expenses borne by EFSC or the Florida College System.

Evaluation of Candidates

BPTC evaluates the fitness of a candidate's certification standards and background for admission to the law enforcement academy or equivalency training, but final admission to any Eastern Florida State College program is the prerogative of the college. Application to Eastern Florida State College is a separate process that must be initiated by the applicant.

Job Prospects

BPTC Is Not A Job Placement Service.

Successful completion of the Brevard Police Testing Center background and screening process does not guarantee employment as a law enforcement officer, nor does it guarantee an employment interview. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit applications to the appropriate human resources office of each agency of interest, if that agency accepts applications directly. Agency recruiters regularly review open applicant files and may choose to contact selected applicants directly; however, BPTC participating agencies are under no obligation to contact any particular applicant. Applicants are encouraged to contact the agencies of interest to them and arrange for tours, ride-alongs, and meetings with recruiters as the agency permits.




Brevard Police Testing & Selection Center
3865 North Wickham Rd.
Melbourne, FL 32935

Main Phone Numbers:

Meet an Academy Graduate


Luis Hernandez-Martin

Melbourne Police Offier
Law Enforcement Academy Graduate, Class 11 L4

"The Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center really helped put me on track to achieve my career goal to become a law enforcement professional. The EFSC Law Enforcement Academy further gave me a solid foundation of training and experience to make me a successful officer. I could not have done it without their help and support. Thank you, EFSC."


Upcoming Academy Info


Due to the high demand for training and class size requirements, placement is limited. The first step for law enforcement applicants is screening through the Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center. Beginning the academy selection process as soon as possible increases the chance of getting into the academy class of choice. Starting with the January 2016 Law Enforcement Academy all applicants are required to pass an updated version of the Physical Abilities Test. The test is more challenging, timed and has a required qualifying score so please review the updated test requirements.

Classes start:
July 11, 2016
September 19, 2016
November 28, 2016
January 30, 2017
July 10, 2017
September 18, 2017
November 27, 2017

Anyone wishing to be considered for this Academy should contact the Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center at 321-433-5638 or 321-433-5640.