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Student Appeal Procedures

There are several types of student appeals at Eastern Florida State College. Check below for information and procedures for each type. In any appeal, the burden of persuasion lies with the student, as the original result(s) shall be presumptively reasonable and appropriate.

In the event a student has been trespassed from college property, any appeals will be handled in accordance with the process defined by college procedures related to trespass in Section 201.7.

The process for Student Code of Conduct appeals is set forth throughout Section 201.5 in the College Procedures. Refer to the Student Code of Conduct page for details. Any disciplinary sanctions will not be held in abeyance during the appellate process.


  • Academic Appeals: Academic appeals are any appeals concerning final grade or final activity within the classroom.
  • Administrative Appeals: Administrative appeals include issues with administration, registration, and late withdrawals or drops due to medical problems or other extenuating circumstances.
  • Financial Appeals: There are two kinds of Financial Appeals:
    • Tuition Refunds or Credits - Students may appeal through the campus Associate Provost or Academic Dean for a refund, tuition credit, or exemption to full cost tuition.
    • Hardship Appeals for Financial Assistance - Related to awarding of Federal, state, institutional or private financial assistance. Students are required to have completed a FAFSA for the term being appealed.

Procedure for submitting an appeal

  1. Prior to submitting the formal academic or administrative appeal form, students must address the concern as soon as possible in a non-confrontational manner with the appropriate faculty or staff member.
    • Academic: Discuss with instructor. If not resolved, discuss with Department Chair
    • Administrative: Discuss with campus Associate Provost or workforce related Dean
    • Tuition Refund or Credit: Apply for the tuition refund/credit with the Associate Provost or workforce-related Dean; must fill out the “College-wide Tuition Refund/Credit Request Form.” Documentation must be provided with the form in order for it to be processed.
    • Hardship Appeals for Financial Assistance: Students are required to have completed a FAFSA for the term being appealed. Discuss specific hardship concerns with Office of Financial Aid staff member.
  1. If not resolved through Step 1, the student may submit a formal appeal form with attached documentation to the appropriate office.

    Academic/Administrative/Tuition Refund or Credit:
    Associate Provost or workforce related Dean.

    Appeal forms, as well as additional information regarding the appeal process, are available through the Associate Provost's/ Dean's office. Appeals will only be accepted within two years from the date of the incident or issue on which the appeal is based.

    Hardship Appeals for Financial Assistance: Submit Financial Hardship Appeal form through the Office of Financial Aid.
  1. If the concern is not resolved at Step 2,
    1. For academic or administrative concerns, the student may request in writing, through the Associate Provost/ Dean's office, a review by the Provost/Associate Vice President. The request must be received within ten days of student notification of the resolution and must contain additional documentation that is pertinent to the appeal. The decision of the Provost/Associate Vice President is final.
    2. For Financial concerns, the student may request an appeal to the Student Financial Appeals Committee (SFAC). The SFAC is comprised of the EFSC Controller, Director of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Advising Coordinator. The SFAC will evaluate the student’s need, academic and financial history with EFSC, as well as the student’s compliance and responsiveness to college financial aid policies and procedures. The SFAC will make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer. The decision of the Chief Financial Officer is final.
  2. If the student feels that the established procedures were violated, the student may request an administrative review by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/CLO. This is NOT a re-trial of the incident, but a procedural review. The request for administrative review must be made in writing through the Associate Provost/Dean's immediate supervisor within five days of receiving notification of the resolution.

If a complaint is not resolved by the College after all avenues within the College have been addressed, a student may contact the State of Florida through the Florida Department of Education via its College Complaint Procedure website.

Distance Education students who have completed the internal institutional grievance process and the applicable state grievance process may appeal non-instructional complaints to the Florida State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (FL-SARA) Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating (PRDEC) Council. For additional information on the complaint process, please visit the FL-SARA Complaint Process Page.

Inquiries regarding the College’s Equal Opportunity Policies, including Title IX (gender discrimination) and Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (disabled discrimination) and equity issues in general may be directed to Ms. Darla Ferguson, Chief Equity and Diversity Officer, Cocoa Campus, George Washington Carver Administration Building 2, 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922, telephone 321-433-7080 or email

Associate Provosts

Michael Cadore, Associate Provost 
1519 Clearlake Road
Building 5, Room 131
Cocoa, FL 32922
Phone: 321-433-7661

Eastern Florida Online
Sharon Cronk-Raby, AP, Online Programs
1311 North U.S. 1
Building 5, Room 105
Titusville, FL 32796
Phone: 321-433-5014

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