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Question 1:  How can I take Honors classes?

First, you must apply and be accepted to study at Eastern Florida State College with the intention to enroll in courses leading to an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. Then, you must apply to and be accepted into the Honors Program. Once you're accepted into the Program, you may register for Honors classes. NOTE: You MUST be admitted to the Program before you may register for Honors classes. You may NOT take Honors courses and prep courses at the same time.

Question 2:  Are Honors classes open to dual enrollment students?

Any student accepted to study in associate degree level college-credit classes at EFSC may apply to the Honors Program.

Question 3:  How do I apply to the Honors Program?

Eligiblable students need to apply using the Honors Program application. The application is a downloadable PDF that should be saved to your device, filled out, and signed, which can be a digital signature.

The completed application must be submitted to the Honors Office through the Student Document Dropbox available in the myEFSC Portal.

Question 4:  How do Honors classes differ from regular classes?

Honors courses are special sections of regular classes, so the State and College approved course objectives are fulfilled by the Honors courses. The course material is presented differently in the Honors section, which can be a face-to-face course held on campus, a fully online course, or a hybrid class that combines on-campus and online learning.

There is usually more student involvement and students are required to actively participate in these classes. Rarely are Honors sections “lecture” classes. Instead, students and professors become partners in the educational process. Honors sections also are smaller than regular classes, usually involving 6 to 15 students.

Question 5:  Are Honors sections “harder” than regular sections?

Honors sections are not designed to be more difficult; they are designed to give students more opportunities for individualized attention and interaction with professors for expanded insights and opportunities in the professions, access to professionals who understand the characteristics of excellence, conduct informal mentoring, and provide academic & career guidance. Because Honors students are typically highly motivated, intellectually curious and eager to be highly involved in course activities, Honors professors design their courses to allow students to be active participants. The Honors sections require students to be focused and disciplined. Honors students do not routinely have to devote more time than they would in a non-Honors class, however, the time is often directed differently.

Question 6:  Should a newly enrolled EFSC student wait a semester before delving into the rigors of Honors classes?

No. Because the classes are small and because a strong cooperative and collaborative atmosphere is established, new EFSC students find the Honors classes a wonderful way to establish themselves in the college setting. The classes are designed to promote partnerships in learning among the faculty and students.

Question 7:  Do I have to complete 18 credit hours of Honors courses?

Only associate degree students who wish to graduate with an official Honors Diploma are required to complete the 18 credit hours. All others must complete at least 9 credit hours of Honors coursework and will be designated as an Honors Affiliate upon graduation. Honors students classified as an Honors Affiliate may choose to participate in the program simply for access to the special sections and the Honors designation for the courses on their transcripts.

Question 8:  Does an Honors Diploma require anything other than my taking 18 credit hours of Honors courses?

Yes, you must complete 40 hours of community service through the Center for Service Learning and demonstrate leadership ability through completion of SLS 2261H or SLS 2261.

Question 9:  What if I originally intended to seek an Honors Diploma and change my mind (or vice versa)?

You may change your status up to one semester before graduation. If you have fulfilled the requirements for an Honors Diploma, contact the Honors Associate Director to apply for Honors graduation when you apply for EFSC graduation.

Question 10:  Sometimes Honors classes are cancelled. What happens then?

We make every attempt not to cancel Honors classes; however, there must be sufficient enrollment to allow a class to “run.” Take action: when you’re interested in a class, register for it. Each student makes a difference!

Note: Under limited extenuating circumstances, a student may complete an Honors course as an Independent Study so long as Honors course activities and other requirements are fulfilled. This option requires approval of the Honors Program Director on a case-by-case basis. Check with the instructor and department chair to see if this is an option for your situation.

Question 11:  Everything sounds wonderful, but I just don’t know if the Honors program is right for me. Should I just try it and hope for the best?

Contact the Honors Program staff, who will work with you to determine whether the Honors Program is right for you. (Contact information is listed on this page).


Campus Honors Advisors

Cocoa: Jacquelyn Poitier-French

Melbourne: Cheryl Voors

Palm Bay: Debbie Sanders

Titusville: Zack Rockwell

Apply Now for the Honors Program

The Honors Program application is a saveable, writable PDF form that can be downloaded and filled out on your device. Once completed, submit the application and any supporting documents to the "Honors" office in the Student Document Dropbox available after logging into the myEFSC Portal.