The EFSC Honors Program is:Honors Seal

 • A learning community designed to accommodate the special needs of academically gifted students who are seeking an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree at Eastern Florida State College.

 • A program of courses allowing highly motivated, intellectually curious students to become partners in learning with their professors and classmates.

• An opportunity to enjoy an environment of scholarly inquiry, creative interaction and intellectual stimulation.

It’s Flexible: Associate degree students may participate as an Honors Student, seeking an official Honors Diploma, or as an Honors Affiliate, which includes access to honors classes and program benefits. Students may change from one option to the other until one semester before graduation. Review the Honors Program Admissions Criteria and apply online.

Goals include developing the student's:

  • Self-reflection, passion for learning and ability to reason

  • Ability to express themselves in speech and writing appropriate for group discourse, while remaining authentic to the student’s individuality

  • Appreciation of the common humanity of all people and gratitude for differences

  • Ability to collaborate and work independently

  • Capacity to commit to a position, recognize that it may change, and tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity

  • Ability to integrate and contextualize information



Campus Honors Advisors

Cocoa: Jacquelyn Poitier-French

Melbourne: Cheryl Voors

Palm Bay: Debbie Sanders

Titusville: Zack Rockwell

Apply Now for the Honors Program

The Honors Program application is a saveable, writable PDF form that can be downloaded and filled out on your device. Once completed, submit the application and any supporting documents to the "Honors" office in the Student Document Dropbox available after logging into the myEFSC Portal.

Watch: Honors Program Interviews

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