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Cocoa Campus

Contact:  Michelle Edwards, Director, Student Activities
Telephone:  321-433-7105 

Melbourne Campus

Contact:  Danielle Masucci - Redding, Director, Campus Student Activities
Telephone:  321-433-7758 

Palm Bay Campus

Contact:  Melissa Toepler, Director, Student Activities,
Student Government Advisor
Telephone:  321-433-5297 
Fax:  321-433-5242 

Titusville Campus

Contact:  Sarah Stoeckel, Director, Campus Student Activities
Telephone:  321-433-7141

8 Reasons to Join the Student Government Association

July 10, 2012 - Get Involved in Student Life this Fall through your Student Government Association!

Hello fellow Titans! We hope you're all getting very excited about joining us this Fall! When considering which extra curricular organization to become involved with, why not consider being active in your campus' Student Government Association? There are many reasons why one should join a student organization. Some help you with your career, some help you build social skills and others enhance personality development.

Networking: The easiest and best way to network with students who have similar interests is joining a student organization. It can help you with your career, hobby or anything that you are passionate about.

Social Skills: As a student you want to learn how to talk to other people from different cultures and countries. As an international student, it is your opportunity to build some social skills.

Professional experience: If you join the professional chapter of a student organization, you will be exposed to a lot of professional career development that you may not have the opportunity to be a part of otherwise. See your campus Career Center for more information!

Personality development: If you join a student organization, your communication skills will improve because you are interacting with different people. You'll learn even more if you're a part of the Executive Board in your organization. You learn to balance education and organizational work and focus on your goals.

Leadership Skills: If you become part of the executive board, you take up the responsibility or challenge to be a leader. The organization that you are a part of will help you by giving you hands-on training and instilling good leadership skills.

Alumni Networking: Student organizations usually try to bring in alumni and ask them to share their experiences. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to learn from graduates and get connected to them. It will also help you with job searches and mentoring.

Organization and Management Skills: Many of us are not familiar with how an organization works and how to manage everything. If you are on the executive board you will have the opportunity to learn how fundraising works, how finances work, how to market for event and how to work as a team.

Friendships and Fun: Life is not just about career and making money. It's about building friendships and having fun. You will have a chance to meet people and build lasting friendships. You will be a part of all of the social activities on campus and will have so much fun.

Please contact your Director of Student Activities for more information on how to get involved!