Eastern Florida State College Campus Safety Tips

The great majority of college students will enjoy their college experience without ever being impacted by a crime. However, good crime prevention information can be empowering and further reduce the chances of becoming a victim. Continually promoting safety awareness is one more way our Campus Security team works to provide our students, employees and visitors with a safe environment. We've provided the safety tips below to help keep you safe on campus, at home, and while traveling to and from campus. Please click each topic and review the information.

— Joe Ambrose, Eastern Florida State College Security Chief

When on an EFSC Campus:

• Know the location of your Campus Security Office, and program these numbers into your phone for quick and easy access: 

Palm Bay Campus Security: 321-403-5911
Melbourne Campus Security: 321-403-5909
Cocoa Campus Security: 321-403-5907
Titusville Campus Security: 321-403-4200

• Park near a light pole if you will be leaving campus during evening hours.

• Keep valuables (laptops, GPS, cellphones, etc.) in your vehicle out of sight.

• Keep your vehicle locked at all times and keep all doors locked when traveling.

• When walking to the parking lot be aware of your surroundings and have your keys ready. Carry your purse close to your body and keep your wallet in your front pocket. Stay Alert!

• Refrain from using your cell phone or listening to music while walking in parking lots. Look into your vehicle (including the backseat) before getting in. Use the “Buddy System” - there is strength in numbers, especially at night.

• If you are alone, and need to walk to your car during evening hours, please feel free to contact a Security Officer for an escort to your vehicle.

• If you think you are being followed, turn around, return to campus, and notify Security.

• If your vehicle will not start, contact Security and turn on your emergency flashers. Secure yourself inside your vehicle until Security Officers arrive.

• Never allow someone to force you into a vehicle and do everything in your power to escape the situation. Yelling HELP, hitting, or biting may stop the attack. Consider running away. Consider carrying and using protective “Pepper Spray” to defend against attackers. Please see EFSC Procedures Manual §804 for more information regarding the carrying of weapons on College property.

• If you see a crime in progress or someone having a medical emergency (heart attack, etc.), call 911 immediately followed by a call to Security.

• Never prop open doors which are meant to lock behind you.

• If you observe an individual in the improperly designated restroom, leave immediately and contact Security.

• Walk on designated walkways that are well lit. Avoid shortcuts through the parks, vacant lots and other deserted places.

• Report all thefts, suspicious persons, and suspicious incidents to Security Officers immediately.