Students Shine at Research Conference

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March 5, 2014 - Four students from Eastern Florida State College shined in the spotlight recently when their scientific projects were presented at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference at Florida International University in Miami.

More than 300 students from Florida colleges and universities showed their work along with others from graduate schools across the country.

The Eastern Florida students were Charlotte Garfinkel, Frank Skiff,  Dylan Myers and Erika Steele. Their research focused on marine biology and medicine.

“Our students did an outstanding job that highlighted their efforts and the quality of our programs at Eastern Florida” said Dr. Ashley Spring, a biology instructor on the Melbourne campus. “Most of the students presenting were upperclassmen so faculty and recruiters were very impressed that our students were completing their work as sophomores. I’m extremely proud of them.”

Dr. Spring and biology instructor Scott Herbert served as the students’ mentors.