2nd Annual Titan Con 2018 Information & Schedule

EFSC students, faculty and staff: come check out Titan Con 2018 on Thursday, March 15, 2018! Join us from 8 AM to 9 PM on the Palm Bay campus for a full day of comic, anime and pop culture panels, plus interactive activity sessions hosted by EFSC faculty and students. There will be panel discussions and breakout sessions, and the day will conclude with a Student Cosplay Competition that highlights the popular performance art of dressing like a favorite character.

For more information or to pre-register for events, contact Associate Professor Susan Houts at 321-433-5241 or houtss@easternflorida.edu or Student Life Coordinator Ancel Robinson at 321-433-5374 or robinsona@easternflorida.edu

The full schedule of events is as follows:

Welcome Reception and Check-In

8 - 8:15 AM, Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
Coffee and Muffins in lobby of Palm Bay Auditorium

Panel Discussions

“Game of Thrones for Dummies: an Epic Summary of an Epic Series”
8:15 - 9 AM, Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
Speaker: Mike Baker

Have you not watched the Game of Thrones TV series or read the books? Don’t worry. We’ll get you up to speed with some basic knowledge such as the geography, history, religions and some of the major Houses in the show in this spoiler-free presentation.

“Roses and Dragons: History Shaping Fantasy”
9:30 - 10:30 AM, Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
Speakers: Professors Karyn Ott and Patrick Richards
Game of Thrones/A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin is a fantasy epic steeped in complexity - political intrigue, religious struggles and the conflict of dragons as weapons of war or keepers of peace. Many people who would not consider themselves friends of the fantasy genre have embraced the epic through the television series by HBO. The creator of this “universe,” George R.R. Martin, is a dedicated gamer and an avid student of history. Part of his inspiration was a period in English Medieval history, known as the “War of the Roses.” In this presentation, Professors Richards and Ott will explore aspects of the “War of the Roses” and the possible influences on The Song of Fire and Ice saga.

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Egos Take the Throne”
11 AM - 12 PM, Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
Speakers: Professor James Braun and Members of Psi Beta
The Psi-Beta Psychology club will present a discussion panel on the manifestations of the ego in Game of Thrones. Club sponsor, James Braun, and Club president, Mabiely Hernandez will open the discussion with an analysis of characters Cersei Lannister, Theon Greyjoy and Arya Stark.

Lunch in the Community Dining Room for Registered Student Participants

12 - 1 PMSubs, chips and brownies.

“How to tell an Effective Story” - Moderator: Sean Turco
1 PM - 2 PM, Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
Speakers: Trent Riley (RPG President and Dungeon Dragon Master), Jerson Ramos (Anime Expert), Sherrie Spencer (MDA President, Artist and Published Writer), Elizabeth Hernandez (SGA President and Poet)
One of the most ancient and important roles in human society is that of the storyteller. Our cultures, religions, entertainment and our understanding of reality all depend on the transfer of information from one individual to another. In this panel, we will discuss the importance of the storyteller in modern life as well how all of us can work to improve our craft as storytellers.

Interactive Breakout Sessions

Each session will run concurrently and be held twice from 2 - 3 PM and  3 - 4 PM.  A maximum of 20 people can attend at each time. Materials for all sessions will be provided. To pre-register for a session, contact Susan Houts at 321-433-5241 or email houtss@easternflorida.edu using your Titan email.

Session A: “Stage Make Up 101: How to apply realistic body wound prosthetics”
Bldg 1, Rm. 92
Dickie Wade has been an entertainer and make-up artist for several years, having recently worked on local film productions as lead make-up artist and production assistant. His work includes conceptualizing and creating commercial haunted houses, horror and sci-fi makeup, with experience in specialized body casting and molding. Note that materials will include latex. Please do not sign up if you have a latex allergy.

Session B: “Costuming: From Concept to Cloth”
Bldg 1, Rm. 93
Theresa Russell, EFSC Humanities Instructor and Cosplay Expert
Do you have an idea for a costume or character you would like to portray? How do you create your character through costuming? Attend this session on how to take those ideas and turn them into a working pattern to create your own designs. From old clothes, to using everyday items and fabric, your imagination does not need break the bank for awesome effects.

Session C: “Wizards and Warriors: Medieval Fantasy RPG”
Bldg 1, Rm. 94
Hosted by the EFSC Tabletop RPG Club
Ever wonder what it would be like to slay a dragon, negotiate peace with the elves, or just run around slingin’ magic like a madman? Maybe all three at once? Come check out the RPG Club and let’s see how many of those we can fit until a one-hour session.

Session D: “Anime’s Evolution and its appreciation”
Bldg 1, Rm. 96
Hosted by EFSC ANIME Club
This panel will be a discussion about what anime was like back in the early ‘80s through the late ‘90s. Many people have come to enjoy the current existing anime but are still oblivious as to where and how it came to be. Thus, this discussion will introduce what animes existed back then and how their ideas evolved into what exists today.

Session E: “Quick Draw Competition”
Bldg 1, Rm. 98
Hosted by the EFSC MDA Club
A crash course is drawing dragons and white walkers by Sherrie Spencer. Then create your best drawing in 45 minutes. Pictures will be displayed for judging at the Cosplay Contest. Prizes awarded for first and second place drawing. Supplies will be provided.

Session F: “LGBTQ+ Tropes and Characters in Digital Media”
Bldg 1, Rm. 99
Hosted by EFSC LGBTQ+ Alliance
In the past few years, LGBTQ+ representation in animated shows and movies has greatly increased. In this breakout session, we will be talking about the strides we have made as well as positive and negative trends we see in all forms of visual media.

“GOT” Fan Chat 
4 - 5 PM
Talk about theories and predictions for the end of the series. Warning:
there will be spoilers!

Cosplay Presentation & Student Cosplay Competition

Student Cosplay Competition and Dance Party
5 - 9 PM,  Rm. 107G (Auditorium)
From concept to costuming, see how the imagination and a couple bucks can make your cosplay ideas come to fruition. Participate in a short Q&A on character development through design. Costumes designed by Theresa Russell will be on display.

Panel of Cosplay Experts will judge student costumes based on creativity, and character development. Prizes will be awarded for 1st - 2nd and -3rd place! Contest open only to EFSC students. No full-face masks will be permitted.

Winners announced at 7 PM at the Titan-Con Dance Party, held on the patio until 9 PM.