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EFSC Presents 2021-2022 Student Awards

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April 21, 2022 - Eastern Florida State College acknowledged the achievements of exceptional students at its annual student awards ceremony, held Wednesday, April 20 on the Melbourne Campus.

EFSC's college-wide student awards are presented in two categories: student leadership awards, which recognize students who exhibit exemplary leadership, service, and dedication to their campus, and academic discipline awards, which recognize students who exhibit outstanding academic performance, creativity, and achievement in a specific subject area.

The ceremony featured remarks from several EFSC administrators including Dean of Students Barbara Kennedy, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and Chief Learning Officer Dr. Randy Fletcher, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Sandy Handfield, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Laura Sidoran, and Associate Dean of Student Life Paola Moneymaker.

The award recipients, who were nominated by EFSC faculty or staff members, include the nearly four dozen EFSC students listed in the accordion:

2021-2022 Student Awards

Student Leadership Awards

Unsung Hero Award

Chelsi Balint
Nominated by Ashley Olund

Brandon Boncore
Nominated by Jamie Howell

Gabrielle Fernandez
Nominated by Jamie Howell

Andrew Kelly
Nominated by Ted Hartselle

Jacob Wilkinson
Nominated by Tammy Harding and Deborah Eaton

Inclusion and Advocacy Award

Christian Brooks
Nominated by Daniel McKinnon

Andi Parks
Nominated by Lynn Spencer

Outstanding Student Employee Award

Jessica Bradley
Nominated by Heather Allen

Jennifer Chafin
Nominated by James Bottesch, Dr. Christina Moisii and Amy Picchi

Andrew Farace
Nominated by Olivia Clarke

Coral Friedel
Nominated by Anastasia Harris

Michaeli Jervis
Nominated by Patty Salvo, Freda Haynes, Stephen Taylor and Kaley Bierman

Stefanie Kelley
Nominated by Doris Loomis

Jackie Lewis
Nominated by Dr. Nicole DeCaro and Patricia Harmon

Outstanding Campus Leader Award

Blain Morgan
Nominated by Richard Palmer

Emily Vance
Nominated by Edward Mango

Jasmine Yang
Nominated by Jamie Howell

Outstanding Student Government Leader Award

Rebecca Gunness
Nominated by Dana Arace

Steven Kirksey
Nominated by Rhonda Morelock

Andrew Linthicum
Nominated by Dana Arace

Annjeannette Mitchell
Nominated by Ancel Robinson

Kristin Sharma
Nominated by Cheryl Deeter

Social Change Award

Benjamin Moran
Nominated by Cheryl Deeter

Dean of Students Personal Achievement Award

Rebecca Gunness
Nominated by Dean Barbara Kennedy

Academic Discipline Awards

Arts and Humanities

Ryan Acevedo
Nominated by Anthony Akers


Adnan Duman
Nominated by Dr. Nicole DeCaro

Tania Ramos
Nominated by Jill Bloomstine

Delia Timpy
Nominated by Jamie Howell

Brittney White
Nominated by Jill Bloomstine

Career and Technical

Ian Anderson
Nominated by Richard Palmer

John Houchin
Nominated by Jamie Howell

Kaylee Majaika
Nominated by Tommy Gillis


Amber Bixby
Nominated by Dr. Warren Jones

Driade Freitas
Nominated by Jennifer Walker


Kelsey Phillips
Nominated by Marika Koch and Kim Coluccio

Health Sciences

Andre Silva Cardoso
Nominated by Phaedra Williams

Math and Engineering

Luis Bolanos
Nominated by Dr. Maria Strawn

Logan Ruch
Nominated by Dr. Marsha Lake

Shane Williams
Nominated by Dr. Maria Strawn

Natural and Physical Science

Jennifer Chafin
Nominated by James Bottesch

Social and Behavioral Science

Khafiza Begeyeva
Nominated by Dean Barbara Kennedy

Elizabeth Eskildsen
Nominated by Rhonda Rye

Daniel Suchyna
Nominated by Josh Humphries

Technology/Computer Science

Ashley Lauzon
Nominated by Patrick Robinson