Contact: Suzanne A. Rains, APR, CPRC
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Cell:         321-537-6986

Emergency Medical Services Programs Accepting Applications

May 2, 2019 - The Public Safety Institute at Eastern Florida State College is actively recruiting for its upcoming Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic programs.

The deadline for applications is June 24, 2019. Intake for Paramedics is scheduled for July 1 and EMT Intake is scheduled for July 2, both of these are by invitation only. Classes will begin on August 12 and run for 16 weeks through the fall.

All prospective students must complete the online application for admission to Eastern Florida State College, as well as the separate online application to the Public Safety Institute.

The EMT program is designed to train individuals for entry level positions in emergency medical and first responder services. Graduates can also gain certification that will allow them to continue their education into fire service or paramedics.

The Paramedic program is designed for students to complete their EMS education by securing a State of Florida Paramedic certificate. The Paramedic certified personnel can then declare their major in order to finish an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services.

For more information on EMT, visit our website at and for Paramedic the website is