Campus Marquee Request

This option is available for Eastern Florida State College faculty and staff who want to submit a request for an announcement or event to be promoted on the digital marquee signs located on each campus.

Enter your first and last name.

Enter your faculty or staff college email address.

Enter your phone number for internal questions about your request.

Use the field below to enter a complete description of the event or announcement you would like promoted on the digital marquee. Be sure to include contact information or the website link you would like to share, plus the event location and cost information if applicable. Provide as many details in this expandable field as possible to help our team craft the digital sign message.

Use the bottom right corner in desktop view to expand the box or mobile scrolling to more easily review your text.

Click multiple campuses if needed or select collegewide if your want the promotion on all four campuses.

Choose the day you would like the marquee promotion to start.

Use this optional selection if the promotion needs to end on a set date.