Rank Change Standing Committee

The Rank Change Standing Committee (RCSC) supports faculty advancement at Eastern Florida State College. The committee makes recommendations to the administration for rank changes.

RCSC Members for 2018-19 Academic Year
(term expires at semester end)

Dustin Files (Math), Chair, Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Andrew Forbes (English), Palm Bay, Spring 2018
Pat Hurley (Nursing), Cocoa, Spring 2018
Marika Koch (Education), Melbourne, Spring 2017
Wendy McLallen (English) Cocoa, Spring 2018
Bev Payne (Computer Sci.), Cocoa, Spring 2018
Chris Petrie (Science), Titusville, Spring 2018
Ed Rodowicz (Technologies),  Cocoa,  Spring 2018
Kelly Shaver (Early Childhood Ed.), Vice Chair, Cocoa,  Spring 2017
Harold Zacks (Crime Scene), Melbourne, Spring 2018
Wayne Stein, Administration, (primary/non-voting)
Sandy Handfield, Administration, (alternate/non-voting)
Deborah Anderson, TPDC Liaison (non-voting)