Handbook Standing Committee

The Handbook Standing Committee (HSC) annually reviews the Tenure and Professional Development Council (TPDC) Handbook for consistency with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and related college procedures. The HSC recommends handbook changes to the TPDC.

HSC Members 2019-20 Academic Year
(Term expiration at the end of semester listed)

Deborah Anderson (Library Science), Chair (2018-2020), Palm Bay, Spring 2020
Daryl Davis (Physics), Melbourne, Spring 2021
Andrew Lieb (English), UFF-EC, Palm Bay Liaison, Spring 2020 (non-voting)
Kelli Norris (Mathematics), TPDC Liaison, Titusville, Spring 2020 (non-voting)
Chris Petrie (Science), Titusville, Spring 2020
Asiya Satdanova (Mathematics), Palm Bay, Spring 2021
Carrie Wells (English), Palm Bay, Spring 2020
Administration, Barbara Kennedy (primary/non-voting)
Administration, Dr. Linda Miedema (alternate/non-voting)