Standing Committees

Each committee under the Tenure & Professional Development Council will have between five (5) and thirteen (13) members and will endeavor to represent all campuses/divisions and as many disciplines as possible. With the exception of the Campus Tenure Committees, each committee will also include one to two members of the TPD. All faculty members will be given the opportunity to volunteer on a given committee. A minimum of five (5) working days will be provided as a window of opportunity to volunteer.

Committees include:

Handbook Standing Committee:
The HSC is tasked with annually reviewing the TPDC Handbook for consistency with the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and related college procedures and recommending changes to the TPDC.

Professional Development Standing Committee:
This standing committee makes recommendations to the administration concerning teaching in a higher education institute and professional development opportunities.

Rank Change Standing Committee:
The RCSC supports faculty advancement at Eastern Florida State College by making recommendations to the administration for rank changes.

Sabbatical Leave Standing Committee:
This committee supports faculty efforts to complete upper level degrees, professional projects or other certifications by making recommendations to the administration concerning candidates for professional/sabbatical leave.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the committees. Please forward any suggestions regarding this website to the Committee Chairperson.