EFSC Online Steering Council

The Online Steering Council's (OSC) mission is to provide consistent direction for and college-wide coordination in the development, implementation, and maintenance of online and blended learning to improve student learning and success.

To stay current with trends and best practices in online learning, the OSC examines critical topics and recommends academic and student support procedures to the College faculty and administrative leadership.

View the Online Steering Council Handbook.

For questions about the OSC contact Dr. Laura Dunn, OSC Chair, at dunnl@easternflorida.edu or 321-433-5168.

Cherylan Bacheller
Ruth Chabot
Dr. Laura Dunn
Dr. Laura Earle
Tonia Graham
Niko Koukos
Andrew Lieb
Dayla Nolis

Sarah Paige
Bianca Parker
Darcy Roy
Rhonda Rye
Dr. Laura Sidoran
Dr. Phil Simpson
Dr. Ramona Smith
Carrie Wells

OSC Committees

The committees of the OSC examine critical topics and best practices involving online and blended course design and delivery. The Committeess are comprised of faculty, staff, and administration, and they consider all stakeholders involved in online and blended learning as they make recommendations for policy and procedures to the OSC.


Blended Learning Committee

The Blended Learning Committee considers new ways to use blended, hybrid, or flex learning in EFSC courses to benefit student learning and engagement.

Chair: Katina Gothard

Master Course Committee

The Master Course Committee leads EFSC’s efforts to create quality Canvas courses for online use. Master Course elements can effectively work in blended and face-to-face courses or as instructor resources.

Chair: Dayla Nolis

New Online Teaching Technologies Committee

The New Online Teaching Technologies Committee vets new and soon-to-be available technology to ensure EFSC consider the newest systems, processes, and resources for online and blended learning.

Chair: Josh Humphries

Online Quality Standards Committee

The Online Quality Standards Committee creates and reviews the standards for online learning at EFSC. The Committees researches best practices and the technology in use at the college to ensure standards meet the needs of students. As of September 2021, the Online Quality Standards Committees is in ad hoc status.

Chair: L.J. Lee

Academic Integrity Committee

This is a joint committee with the Academic Council. The Academic Integrity Committee's mission is to foster a culture of integrity, ensure fairness in the academic environment, and maintain the value and credibility of education by upholding high ethical standards.

Chair: Joe Wakim