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Association of Florida Colleges membership is affordable and can even be done through payroll deduction.


Membership Dues

Salary Range                                        Annual Dues
Under $30,000     $35
Between $30,000 & $75,000     $45
Between $75,000 & $100,000     $55
Over $100,000     $70
Adjunct Faculty     $10
Part-time Employees     $10

Note: By selecting payroll deduction your membership
averages less than $2 per pay period.

Steps to Join

Go to
a.    Click on “Members” Tab
b.    Click on “Enroll Online” Tab
c.    Click on “Select” at right of Eastern Florida State College line
d.    Identify your type of Membership based on your Membership Dues and annual salary and click the “Submit” button.
e.    Complete the application. Recommend you choose the payroll deduction option.
f.     Inform your campus VP or the President about your new membership so you can receive your AFC pin and a warm welcome.

Contact Us

Donna Hamilton, Chapter President

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