AFC Eastern Florida Chapter Officers

We hope you will join us for networking at events on each campus throughout the year.

Getting more involved in your local AFC chapter connects you with professional development opportunities, including the chance to network with those performing similar jobs at other colleges during statewide events.

Please get in touch with the vice president on your campus or contact the chapter president with any questions.

Donna Hamilton President 321-433-7163
Vacant President Elect    
Sherry Van Winkle Cocoa Campus VP 321-433-7182
Cheryl Whalen Titusville Campus VP 321-433-5063
Nora Schutte Melbourne Campus VP 321-433-5744
Rachel Geidel Palm Bay Campus VP 321-433-7149
Janelis Rodriguez Secretary 321-433-5926
Jacquelyn Poitier-French Treasurer 321-433-5408
Christine Tripp Historian 321-433-5921
Tracy Glidden Membership Chair 321-433-5548 
Kathryn Bauernfeind Immediate Past President 321-433-5502