How We Operate

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The Role of the AAC

The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) represents the full-time faculty and serves as liaison to the curriculum clusters and to the College administration.

It develops, interprets and makes recommendations to executive administration related to the welfare of the faculty and student body. The AAC considers matters referred to it by faculty, staff, administration and students.

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All faculty are represented by the AAC, which is the voice of the faculty in academic matters. Concerns can be communicated through elected representatives or may be directly addressed to the AAC.

The Council meets monthly during the major semesters. Meetings are open to all members of the College community. Those wishing to be part of the meeting agenda should contact the chair or the vice-chair.

AAC Committees and Cluster Discipline Committees play a key role in the Council and are covered in separate web sections.


Scott A. Herber - Chair

Anthony Akers, Vice-Chair

Robin Boggs, Secretary

Spring 2020 Cluster Chairs & AAC Representatives

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