Florida Prepaid College Program Plan Information

Please follow the appropriate steps below to ensure that your Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan is utilized. If you do not want your Florida Prepaid Plan (FPP) applied, please see submit the Florida Prepaid Adjustment form prior to the last day of the published add/drop period.

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you have utilized your Florida Prepaid Plan at EFSC in the last semester, please check your account summary in Titan Web Services to ensure that your Florida Prepaid has been applied to the current term prior to the fee due date.  If your account has not been adjusted, please elect to use Florida Prepaid in Titan by following the steps listed below.

NEW / INCOMING STUDENTS: To have your Florida Prepaid applied to the current semester’s tuition, please elect to use Florida Prepaid by checking the box located in Titan Web Services prior to the published fee due date. Detailed instructions are listed below.

IMPORTANT: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that Florida Prepaid has been applied and all fees are paid in full by the published fee due date each semester. Please note that the Florida Prepaid amount applied to your student account is merely an estimate of what FPP may pay; any balance not covered is the responsibility of the student. Please see the IMPORTANT NOTICES below for detailed information on what fees are not covered by Florida Prepaid.

How to Elect to Use Florida Prepaid:
  • Log-in to myEFSC with your Student ID (B-number) and Password, then:
  • Choose Titan Web from the left column, then
  • Select: Student Services
  • Select: Accounts Receivable
  • Select: Account Summary/Pay Student Account
  • Select: ‘Florida Prepaid’, located beneath the Account Summary
  • Select the link “Elect to use Florida Prepaid”
  • Check the checkbox “Use my Florida PrePay” and click Submit

Unless you notify the college in writing using the Florida Prepaid Adjustment form prior to the add/drop period, you are authorizing Eastern Florida State College to bill Florida Prepaid for the maximum amount allowed according to your plan. Please keep in mind that the amount applied to your student account is merely an estimate of what Florida Prepaid may pay, and it is the student’s responsibility to pay all fees not covered by the plan (you can use EFSC's Florida Prepaid Worksheet to estimate the payment). It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that Florida Prepaid has been applied to the student account by the fee due date each semester. If payment is not received by the fee due date, you may be dropped due to nonpayment, and reinstatement of original courses is not guaranteed. A late registration fee of $50 will be assessed to all students who register for classes after each part of term's published fee due date (the fee is assessed during each part of term's add/drop period). Check the Important Term Dates for the fee due dates to make sure you register for classes in time to avoid the late fee.

If, at the time we invoice, the student’s FPP account is not in good standing and/or does not have sufficient credits available, we will reverse the FPP from the student’s account and payment will become the student’s responsibility and due to Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) immediately. To check the status of your FPP plan, update your account, or confirm remaining credit hours, please contact Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-4723 or visit the Florida Prepaid website.

• If your SSN is correct with FPP, but not EFSC, please see your campus admissions office.

• FPP does NOT pay for books, labs fees, Wi-Fi access fees, parking permits or Continuing Education courses. Depending on the FPP plan purchased the student may be required to pay a portion of their charges per credit hour (e.g., student activity fee and/or technology fee). See the your Prepaid Plan Master Covenant for additional information.

• All Local Fee Plans submitted online are calculated based on Local Fee Plans purchased prior to July 1, 1999. If there is an overpayment on your account, a refund will follow after the last day of add/drop via your selected refund preference.

• If you are using another fee payment method and then wish to also apply a Florida Prepaid College Plan to your current term's tuition, you must do so by the last day of drop/add for the final mini-mester session during the semester in question.

• The student is responsible to pay their portion of fees due by the fee due date. Any classes that are no longer desired must be dropped by the last day of add/drop.

• If a student adds or drops a course after the first fee due date of the semester, it is the student's responsibility to notify your campus cashier, to have your credits adjusted accordingly. All outstanding debts are the sole responsibility of the student.