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COVID 19 Impact - Summer Term Course Withdrawal Process: Read Before Proceeding


Important Note: If you are thinking of withdrawing from a class, please contact your advisor first. EFSC's goal is to support students and avoid course withdrawals as much as possible. We always recommend students contact their advisor to discuss any course withdrawals and during this COVID-19 emergency that is more important than ever because of the potential impact on student grades and financial aid eligibility. Please also review guidance about the impact of a withdrawal on financial aid. We have a lot of resources available to help you.

Here are the deadlines and updated process for Summer Term Course withdrawals (this supersedes info below this box)

Session A Students (12-week courses started May 18): July 9 deadline to withdraw
Session B Students (6-week courses started May 18): June 4 deadline to withdraw
Session C Students: (8-week courses started June 15): July 16 deadline to withdraw
Session D Students: (6-week courses started June 29): July 16 deadline to withdraw

Summer Term 2020 Withdrawl Process for Students in All Sessions:

1. Access the withdrawal form (Be sure to download the right PDF)
EFSC Course Withdrawal PDF Form
Dual Enrolled/Early Admit Students Withdrawal Form
2. Fill out the writable PDF and save it to your computer.
3. Log into myEFSC to upload the completed form via Student Drop Box (choose Advising from the dropdown menu). See Drop Box How-to Info
4. Your advisor will contact you to discuss your withdrawal request and will advise you of next steps.
Note: All course withdrawal forms submitted via the Drop Box by 11:59 PM on the deadline date will be considered received by the required deadline.

Important EFSC Course Withdrawal Information (During the COVID-19 emergency, refer to the information in the red box above

It is the student’s responsibility to drop or withdraw from a course he or she does not plan to attend or complete. “Walking away” from a course, without officially dropping or withdrawing, may adversely affect the student’s fees, transcript and/or academic standing.

Before withdrawing from a course at Eastern Florida State College, students must read the following information and understand the impact and conditions of a course withdrawal.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

The difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course is based on the time of the semester at which the student takes action:

  • Drop: Students may drop courses from their class schedules and/or add other courses through the date published in the online Academic Calendar. If a student drops a course, the course will not be included on the transcript and the student will receive a refund of applicable tuition and fees paid for the course.
  • Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from courses during the semester following established procedures and deadlines. Deadlines are published in the online Academic Calendar. If a student withdraws from a course, the course will be included on the transcript as a course attempt with a final grade of 'W' and the student will not receive a refund of tuition. Student will be responsible for all associated course fees. Students should meet with a Student Advisor to determine possible implications of withdrawing. 'W's do not count toward a student's Eastern Florida GPA but do count as course attempts.

How to submit a request for withdrawal

Requests for course withdrawal must be submitted on or before 11:59 p.m. on the withdrawal deadline published in the online Academic Calendar.

  1. If you are unable to withdraw online, you must use the COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM (see link below). Legibly complete the form, obtain all necessary signatures, sign, date and submit through the published withdrawal date using the following procedures:In person to any campus Admissions and Records Office
    1. Via Student Dropbox: login to myEFSC and click on Student Dropbox, select Office of the Registrar, and upload the completed, scanned form
    2. Via email to (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed, scanned form)
    3. Via fax to 321-433-7172 (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed, scanned form)
    4. Via US Mail to Office of the Registrar, EFSC Cocoa Campus, Bldg. 2, Rm 202, 1519 Clearlake Rd, Cocoa, FL 32922 (legible copy of photo ID required with the completed form)
    5. Incomplete or non-legible forms will not be accepted for processing

Dual enrolled students must complete the DUAL ENROLLMENT/EARLY ADMISSION COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM, available online (see link below).

BEFORE YOU WITHDRAW FROM A COURSE, you should be aware that course withdrawals:

  • Will increase the cost of your education
  • May affect your financial aid status, including the requirement to repay a portion of federal aid
  • May affect your transfer grade point average. Some transfer institutions have different rules for transferring withdrawals.
  • May result in your having to pay, per State statute, the full cost tuition to retake the course
  • May affect your anticipated graduation date
  • May result in your being denied admission to limited access programs
  • May affect your immigration status if you are attending EFSC on a non-immigrant visa
  • Will result in your required repayment of course fees paid by a Bright Futures scholarship
  • May affect your time status for enrollment verifications, such as insurance or loan deferment
Also consider:

Withdrawing from a First or Second Attempt in a Course

On or Before the Withdrawal Deadline: During a first or second attempt in the same course at EFSC, if you withdraw, you will receive a final grade of ‘W’ - Withdrawn and the withdrawal will count as an attempt at that course. You will not receive credit for the course, and the ‘W’ will not be calculated in your grade point average at EFSC; however, the enrollment will count in your total attempts in the specific course. Please note that federal financial aid will only pay for ONE repetition of a previously passed course.

Following withdrawal, you MAY NOT continue to attend the course for the remainder of the term.

After the Withdrawal Deadline: A student is not permitted to withdraw after the withdrawal deadline. Students with documented, extenuating circumstances may submit an appeal to the Associate Provost for consideration of a late withdrawal. Student must submit the completed COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM and STUDENT APPEAL FORM, and supporting documentation. Appeals will not be accepted during the final week of class.

Withdrawing from a Third Attempt in a Course

Per FL statute, you may have only three attempts per course at EFSC, including the original grade, repeat grades, and withdrawals. Upon the third attempt, you will be charged full cost tuition; you will receive a letter grade; you cannot withdraw from the course.

Please note: the online withdrawal process will allow the student to withdraw from a third attempt. However, students will receive an email in their student account notifying them that they will receive a final grade of “F” in the course.

Total Withdrawal from the College

Students who completely withdraw from all EFSC courses will be flagged with an enrollment status of Total Withdrawal. This may affect financial aid and tuition and fees owed to the College.

Please note: Passing some of your courses may be a better alternative than total withdrawal. Before you file the withdrawal form, it is advisable to speak with a Student Advisor to explore your options and receive important information.

What to do when you are ready to return: To reinstate to the college within one year, student must see a Student Advisor to have their status changed. Students who do not complete a course for three consecutive terms or more will be inactivated and must complete the online Admissions Application for readmission and provide updated documentation.

Administrative Withdrawal or Withdrawal for Non-Attendance

Regular class participation is required at Eastern Florida State College. Students are expected to attend all classes and actively participate and complete all assigned course work for all courses for which they are registered. In order to obtain credit for a course, a student must demonstrate continued classroom participation as identified by the faculty to meet the competencies of the course.

Students who are reported as never attending or participating or who have stopped attending or participating in a course may be withdrawn from the class. Financial Aid and Veterans benefits will be adjusted or rescinded accordingly.

Additionally, a student may be administratively withdrawn without permission for non-compliance with Florida statutes and rules or EFSC policies and procedures related to student behavior and conduct. If you are administratively withdrawn from a course, you will receive a final grade of ‘W’.

Reinstatement into a Class

If a student has been withdrawn in error, or wants to rescind their withdrawals, the student must obtain permission from the instructor. The instructor must email to authorize the student’s reinstatement.

What Happens after Student is Withdrawn?

  • The student will receive a notice of the withdrawal in their EFSC student email
  • If the withdrawal cannot be processed the student will receive a notice of the issue in their EFSC student email
  • Student may no longer attend or participate in the class. Students who are withdrawn from online courses will have their access to the Canvas classroom blocked.
If you have read the above information and will continue the course withdrawal process, click one of the links below.