How to Withdraw Online from an EFSC Course

Once you are aware of the possible implications of withdrawing from a course, and have determined that you want to withdraw, using the online process is the quickest, most efficient method.

          • If you have any registration holds on your record, you will not be able to withdraw online.
          • After the published withdrawal deadline, you will be unable to withdraw from a course.
1. Log in to the myEFSC Portal
How do I access myEFSC?

Click to log in to the myEFSC Student Services Portal. Please note: The EFSC Logins are also at the top of the EFSC website. Click on EFSC Logins > select myEFSC. The Welcome page will open. Click > Log in to myEFSC    

Enter your EFSC Student ID number and password

                • Your EFSC Student ID number is your 8-digit number that begins with a capital “B”, for example: B00123456
                • Your myEFSC password is initially set to your birth date followed by -Efsc, for example: MMDDYY-Efsc.
                • For help, call IT Support Desk 321-433-7600

 myEFSC Log in







2. After logging in, click on TitanWeb
3. Click on “Student Services”
4. Click on “Registration”
5. Click on Add/Drop/Withdraw from Classes
6. Select the Current Term. Your courses will appear.
7. Click on the drop arrow under “Action” and select the withdrawal reason
8. Submit

Withdrawl status

For more information about the Student Services Portal, access the Online Reference Guide.