Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) Audit Tool

Students who are considering transferring to Eastern Florida State College can use the TESS online system to see how their transfer classes would articulate and apply toward a degree at EFSC.

TESS follows a simple step-by-step approach to perform a transfer articulation audit. The audit displays details of the student’s classes, how they transfer in to EFSC, and the extent to which they contribute to progress towards a degree program at EFSC.

Read the following information and then access the tool through the button link at the bottom of this page. Please Note: The TESS tool may be unavailable periodically due to technical updates. If the link below returns an error message, please check back.

The following steps make up the self-service workflow process:
  1. Select the term you plan to enter EFSC
  2. Select a transfer school
  3. Select the courses taken at the transfer school
    • You may enter multiple schools and courses
  4.  Enter the grade, credit hours and semester/term for each class
  5. Continue to see the articulation and degree audit

Once you are on the TESS introductory page, you can click on the Help button to get more information, including navigation tips.

Disclaimer: This transfer equivalency information is for reference only; it is not official or final. Course equivalents are subject to change upon official evaluation by the Registrar's Office. Course content may change from year to year, and equivalence may be withdrawn. These equivalents are based on courses which have been previously assessed for transfer to Eastern Florida. Missing schools or courses does not necessarily indicate transfer credit will not be given.

The reports you create should be used as a guide to help you understand how your transfer classes may equate to classes at EFSC and to how those classes may apply to degree requirements. Variables such as term of entry to Eastern Florida, grades earned, and changes in course information may affect how courses are transferred. This tool is intended for students planning to attend Eastern Florida. Current students should use the myGPS degree audit tool inside myEFSC for a comprehensive overview of their Eastern Florida and transfer coursework.

Read the EFSC transfer guidelines for more information.

Please Note: The TESS tool link may generate an error message due to periodic technical issues. If the link below does not work, please check back as troubleshooting will be underway.