Credit by Institutional Exam / Course Challenge Exam (CBIE)

Eligible students may earn college credit at Eastern Florida through successful completion of a Credit by Institutional Exam (CBIE) also known as a Course Challenge Exam. This is a comprehensive course final exam created by EFSC faculty. This option is not available for credit in courses for which CLEP or other national exam mechanisms exist, or for a course that has not been identified as eligible for CBIE. Credits received through CBIE do not apply toward the 25% residency requirement for Eastern Florida degrees and/or certificates.

A grade of "S" is given for each successfully completed exam, and will not be calculated as part of a student's GPA.

Eligibility for students to take a CBIE Exam
  1.  Student may only request an exam based upon the bank of exams that are currently available.
  2.  Student must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing at Eastern Florida.
  3.  Student must be an active degree-seeking student. If exam is requested to satisfy a prerequisite for admission to a limited access program, the program must be listed as a minor on the student’s record.
  4.  Students may be provided the opportunity for CBIE for those courses where accelerated mechanisms have been identified in the course plans and/or otherwise approved by the appropriate cluster chair.
  5.  Student must have completed the residency requirement of 25% of credits for the applicable Eastern Florida degree or certificate.
  6.  Student must be otherwise eligible for enrollment in the course (i.e. has met placement and prerequisite standards, be within the allowable number of course attempts, etc.)
  7.  Student must not be currently enrolled in the course.
  8.  Student must not previously have received a grade of “C” or higher in the course.
  9.  Student must not previously have attempted CBIE for the course.
  10.  Student must have completed the appropriate request form, obtained the appropriate approvals, and paid the appropriate fee.
  11.  Student may attempt the same subject exam only once.
Procedure for student to request CBIE
  1. Student will contact the office of the Coordinator of Accelerated Learning to obtain the Credit by Institutional Exam / Course Challenge Exam form to petition for CBIE. Student completes the student section of the form and submits it to Coordinator for review. Coordinator will review the request to include:
    •  The eligibility of student for CBIE
    •  The eligibility of course for acceleration method
    •  The availability of exam in current inventory
  2. If the course and student meet eligibility requirements and a test for that course is not in the CBIE inventory, an exam may be requested from faculty. If an exam is in current inventory, the Coordinator, will verify with the faculty, Department Chair or Cluster Chair, the validity of the exam form matching current course content, prior to administration. If test form is made available and/or is current to administer, the CBIE process may continue.
  3. Coordinator will complete the Credit by Institutional Exam / Course Challenge Exam form indicating approval for the process to administer the CBIE exam.
  4. Student will take the Approved request form to any cashier on any campus to pay the current exam fee (per the College Fee Schedule/Testing Fees).
  5. Student will contact the office of the Coordinator of College-wide Testing to schedule the exam. At the scheduled appointment, the student must provide photo identification and approved form with proof of fee payment.

In addition to receiving credit by an institutional exam, you may be eligible to earn credit for prior work experience, other exams, prior college courses or certifications through Eastern Florida's Life-Experience Acceleration Path (LEAP).
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