Transfer Student Evaluation

Transfer students applying for financial aid must have all official transcripts from previously attended colleges submitted to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation. Transfer students with a calculated grade point average less than 2.0 may conditionally qualify for financial aid for a warning period for one semester only. At the end of the warning period the college cumulative grade point average must be elevated to a minimum of 2.0 or the student will be suspended from receipt of further Federal aid.

Postsecondary Adult Vocational Programs (CTC)

CTC/clock-hour programs will be funded for only their designated program intent. For example, if the program intent is welding, a mixture of welding, auto mechanics, and air conditioning and maintenance will not be permitted. Eligibility resides within a designated program.

The initial evaluation for Standards of Progress will be made under general Standards of Progress guidelines. However, once an award has been made for a payment period, Standards of Progress will be revisited at the end of each payment period based upon CTC guidelines. CTC students must successfully complete all coursework attempted. “Successfully completed” means the student has attended and passed the coursework associated with the clock hours/weeks in the payment period. Repeat attempts for failed classes will not be funded or included in subsequent enrollment.

Eastern Florida State College has adopted an excused absence policy for CTC programs. Excused absences cannot exceed the lesser of the State licensing/accrediting agency policy on excused absences for the program or 10% of the clock hours in a payment period. Students must refer to the College catalog for a list of federally funded programs.

Clock-hour programs will be funded based upon completion of the payment period and progression of the coursework completed. Contact your local campus Financial Aid office for more information on eligible clock-hour programs.

Please be aware that students will not be granted a deferment if the clock hours/weeks are not successfully completed within the payment period and the student may be required to pay for future enrollment until such time as they become eligible for additional funding.


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