Online Classes

Enrollment periods for online and regular college credit enrollment must coincide for the financial aid payment to be calculated on a combination. If the enrollment dates are not the same, the online and traditional enrollment cannot be combined. This policy is based on federal guidelines which dictate payment calculations for institutions with non-standard enrollment periods. The federal policy is addressing the concern that there are obvious weeks when the student is not continuously enrolled in all courses; causing a difference in the enrollment status during those periods of time.

Mini-Mester Classes

Generally, Mini-Mester classes are not fundable. However, if you register up front for a Mini-Mester A and/or B class with the rest of your regular course load, we will consider this as part of your enrollment. If the Mini-Mester B class is cancelled, dropped, or you do not attend the class, your aid will be reduced and you will be required to repay some or all of the aid you received.  If you register after the traditional add/drop period for a Mini-Mester B class, it will not be funded and payment for the Mini-Mester B class is the responsibility of the student.


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