Financial Aid Priority Deadlines

Eastern Florida State College wants to help ensure your aid package is not impacted by missed deadlines. EFSC must receive the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), along with any additional documents requested by EFSC’s Financial Aid Office, to complete the verification process or confirm eligibility by the dates listed below to ensure a determination of eligibility prior to the Fee Due Date. Students are advised to begin the application process three weeks prior to the deadline in case they need to request tax documentation from the IRS.

2023-24 Academic Year Priority Deadlines

Fall Terms 2023 - July 20, 2023
Spring Terms 2024 - November 27, 2023
Summer Terms 2024 - April 18, 2024

June 30, 2024 is the last day to submit 2023-24 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students may still apply for aid after the deadlines and the EFSC Financial Aid Office will make every effort to process documents submitted after the deadlines as quickly as possible. However, the Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that students who submit documents late will be notified of eligibility prior to the Fee Due Date. Students who miss the published deadlines should be prepared to pay in full or enroll in the tuition payment plan.

To keep track of dates and deadlines related to financial aid, you can also view and download our Dates & Deadlines PDFs for summary by term (Just click the term button). You can also check tuition and financial aid related dates and deadlines via our special website calendar page.

Summer Term 2023 Dates & Deadlines (PDF)

     Fall Term 2023 Dates & Deadlines (PDF)     

 Scholarships are a separate form of student aid with a very different deadline structure, especially outside agency or state scholarships which all have differing deadlines. Please visit our scholarship web section for that information.

For more on the financial aid disbursement process, including dates for the current term, visit our disbursement web page. To learn more about Book Allowances, check the page about the bookstore voucher process.

Tips for a Timely Determination of Financial Aid Eligibility

• Apply as soon as possible!  It can take up to 3-5 days for EFSC to receive your FAFSA and if the Department of Education selects you for verification, you may need to gather tax documents or request documentation from the IRS.

• Use of the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) within the FAFSA is highly recommended for faster processing of your application.

• Check your Titan e-mail account frequently.  It is the Financial Aid Office’s official means of communication.

• Use of the Financial Aid Document Upload Tool within the myEFSC Portal is the fastest and most secure method of submitting documents.  Exception: the Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose must be submitted in person or notarized and mailed.

• In addition to completing the FAFSA, students who want to borrow a Federal Direct Loan must accept the loan via Titan Web once the loan is offered.  First-time borrowers must also sign an electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete Entrance Counseling online.