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Question 1:  How do I start?

To apply for admission you must complete an Application for Admission. There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $30 ($60 for international students.) EFSC uses a convenient online application system. Visit one of the campus Admissions and Records offices for assistance applying. Please note that EFSC's general application processing can take up to 14 days due to the current volume of applications. Check your email frequently for your acceptance letter. You will need to provide your official, final high school transcripts, plus transcripts from all colleges you previously attended. You will also need to take an assessment test or supply applicable scores, and complete the Student Orientation.

Question 2:  How do I schedule a Placement Test?

Testing applicants must be students at Eastern Florida State College. You are considered a student if you have completed an application and paid the application fee, if required.

College Placement Testing is scheduled online through the RegisterBlast system:

- View how to schedule a Common Placement Test (PERT or ACCUPLACER)

- View details on scheduling the TABE test

High school students who are requesting placement testing can register online, but should direct questions about the need for placement testing to the dual enrollment advisors.

Question 3:  Why should I talk to an advisor?

EFSC advisors help students successfully navigate through their academic program in many ways. This includes, but is not limited to, an initial advising session for first-time college students, planning for future classes, reviewing current academic progress, graduation requirements, and university transfer information. Once you're a student, it is recommended that you visit an advisor at least once a semester to be sure you are on track with your educational program and goals. The wait during registration can be lengthy, so we encourage students to visit Advisors during non-peak times, which is normally between registration sessions.

Question 4:  Who is required to complete Orientation?

Orientation is required for all first time in college students, bachelor students, transfer students, readmit students, and non-degree students. Orientation is recommended for all students.

Orientation is done online through the Student Orientation/Titan Preview link in the myEFSC Portal. New students will not be allowed to register until they have completed the orientation.  

Dual Enrollment Program students are required to complete a specialized orientation in person. More information can be found on the Dual Enrollment Orientation page.

Question 5:  How do I prove Florida residency for tuition purposes?

Florida statute allows U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to be classified as a Florida resident for tuition purposes if the applicant or the dependent applicant's parent/legal guardian has been a legal resident of the State for at least 12 months preceding the first day of classes of the term for which Florida residency is sought.

It is important to note that living or attending school in Florida is not tantamount to establishing a legal residence for tuition purposes.

Maintaining a legal residence in Florida requires substantial physical presence as a condition.

The determination of dependent or independent status is important because it is the basis for whether the student has to submit his/her own documentation of residency (as an independent) or his/her parent’s or guardian’s documentation of residency (as a dependent).

If an applicant does not qualify for a statutory residency exception or qualification and is not an “All-Florida” student, he/she will have to submit documentation that he/she (or a parent or legal guardian if a dependent) has been a Florida resident for at least 12 months prior to the first day of classes for which the student is enrolling.

At least two documents must be submitted, with dates that evidence the 12-month qualifying period. It is recommended that you view the Florida Residency Guidelines for Tuition Purposes for more information.  

Question 6:  How do I get my log in password?

Once you are accepted to the College, your log-in information will be sent in your acceptance letter and email. Once you log onto the system, you will be forced to reset your Password. It is important that you remember your password. You can get assistance with a forgotten password through the Titan Self-Service Dashboard.

Question 7:  How do I request a transcript?

Please see the Transcript Request Page for all the information you need to order a transcript. Unofficial transcripts can be obtained via

Question 8:  How will I know if my transcripts have been received?

Please log in to the myEFSC Portal. Click on the Message Center button and view any outstanding holds. If we have not received your transcript it will be listed. Once received the hold will be removed from the Message Center.

Question 9:  I want to discuss my records, are there privacy rules that have to be taken into account?

Your records are protected by FERPA - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Because of the privacy of your education records, please understand that academic advising may not be available over the phone and only limited information can be shared via e-mail.

Question 10:  Does EFSC offer services for students with disabilities?

Yes. All EFSC campuses have a SAIL: Student Access for Improved Learning office that provides a variety of services.