Guide to the Dual Enrollment Registration Process for Public and Private School Students

Understanding Different Course Types

When selecting your classes from the Class Schedule Search, make sure that the course type, meeting times and location work with your high school schedule. See explanations of course types below:

  • “Face-to-Face” classes meet once or twice weekly, in person, at specific times listed in the Class Schedule. Faculty will use this time to deliver instruction. No instruction will occur remotely.
  • “Hybrid” courses are planned to have both online and on-campus components. Classes will follow a 50/50 split weekly between on-campu and online class sessions. Both faculty and students are required in the physical classroom on scheduled days.
  • "Online Classes" are official Eastern Florida Online classes that do not require students to log in at specific scheduled times, but do require you to meet deadlines and show active involvement in class assignments.

Completing the Registration Form in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Sample Dual Enrollment Registration FormInform your high school counselor that you would like to register for an EFSC class. Your counselor will email the EFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form to you as an attachment. (Click the image to view a sample of the form.)
  2. Fill in requested student information at the top of the Registration Form if this section is blank.
  3. Go to the Student Section at the bottom of the Registration Form and list the EFSC course you would like to take:
    1. Use the Class Schedule Search to find when sections of your selected course are available and the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN).
    2. Dual enrollment students may register for 16-week courses only. Early Admission students have the option to also select 8-week and 12-week courses.
    3. Enter the Course Registration Number (CRN), Course Subject & Number, Section, Course Title, Days and Time.
    4. Identify alternate courses in case a selected class is not available.
  4. You and your parent/guardian must sign the Student Section of the form. Names may be typed into the document. Include your EFSC student ID number (B number) and phone number. Forms without signatures will not be processed!
  5. Click the "Finished" button at the bottom to save the document as a PDF, name the file, and send it to your counselor via an emailed attachment for review and approval.
  6. Your counselor will complete the High School Counselor Section of the form and specify the number of courses you may take. The counselor will either list the approved courses or provide broad direction, such as “any AA general education course,” to allow for maximum registration flexibility. The counselor will sign and email the EFSC Dual Enrollment Registration Form back to you; if changes or adjustments are recommended, click on the Edit button, and make any necessary corrections on the form. Be sure to click the Finished button again to resave the document.
  7. Congratulations! You are now ready to submit your completed form to the Student Document Drop Box to be registered! Follow the steps below:
Female student in pink shirt walking in front of Campus Building
    1. Log in to myEFSC (for assistance, view the Student Online Quick Reference Guide).
    2. Scroll down to the Student Document Dropbox section.
    3. Click “Choose File” and this will prompt a window to access the file location on your computer.
    4. Navigate to the file on your computer, select it, and click “Open”.
    5. Under “Send To” click the drop-down arrow for “Select Office“and choose “Advising.”
    6. Click “Upload” and your file will be sent to the Advising team for review.

Finalizing the Registration Process

Mr. Titan holding a stop signCheck your EFSC student Titan email! After your Registration Form has been processed by advising, notification will be sent to your Titan email account. If a selected or alternative course is not available, or if information is missing from your Registration Form, an EFSC advisor will contact you. It is important that you check your Titan email or voicemail for further instructions from an advisor. As your documents are processed, an advisor might also leave a comment in the Student Document Dropbox, so be sure to check there for messages about additional action you may need to take. Listed by the name of the document is the department the file was sent to, and the particular status such as “See Comment”, “Action Required” and “Working On”.  If EFSC needs you to take additional action, then you will see a large “i” that you can hover over to see comments.

Print your Schedule! You may print a copy of your schedule by logging in to myEFSC. Select EFSC Titan Web, then Student Services; then Registration; then click Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day and Time.

Schedule Change? If you need to change your schedule for any reason after you have been registered, contact your high school counselor or EFSC advisor for instructions on the correct process.