EFSC Student Athlete Coverage Overview

The Intercollegiate Athletic Student Accident Insurance program is a fully-insured policy underwritten by Mutual of Omaha and serviced by Summit America. This policy provides coverage for student athletes, student managers, student trainers, student coaches and student cheerleaders for bodily injuries sustained while participating in athletic competitions that are authorized, sanctioned or scheduled by Eastern Florida State College for approved sporting programs. This includes College-supervised practices, game-related activities, off-season conditioning and related, covered travel.

Claims are paid in excess of any other available insurance. If the student athlete does not have his or her own medical insurance, the policy pays on a primary basis.

  • Basic Policy: Student athletes must incur medical expenses within 90 days of injury for the Basic Policy to respond
  • Catastrophic Policy: Student athletes must incur medical expenses of $25,000 or more within 24 months from the date of injury for the Catastrophic Policy to respond

Please note: Student athletes participating in athletics at Eastern Florida State College are covered under a secondary insurance policy, which pays the remaining portions of the medical bills after the student athlete’s primary insurance carrier has made payment. Student athletes with primary insurance coverage are expected to seek and receive treatment only from in-network providers authorized by their primary insurance carrier. Any exceptions must be approved in advance of treatment by the Athletic Director.

In addition, student athletes with primary insurance must inform the Athletic Training Staff of any changes in their primary insurance status when it happens. Failure to report any change in primary insurance coverage could result in non-payment and/or personal financial responsibility for treatment of any injuries while representing Eastern Florida State College as a student athlete. If a student athlete does not have primary insurance coverage, then the secondary policy will act as primary insurance for injuries sustained while participating in athletics at Eastern Florida State College. 

Reporting a Claim

EFSC’s Athletics Department handles the filing of claims for student athlete accidents. Visit the Eastern Florida State College Athletics website for more information.