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Contact Us

Jon McLester, CPPO, CPPB
Procurement Manager
Cocoa, Bldg. 22, Room 110

Mailing Address:
Eastern Florida State College
Procurement Services
1519 Clearlake Rd.
Cocoa, FL 32922


Vendor/Bidder List

EFSC Procurement Services maintains a computerized list of vendors. From this list, vendors are contacted to participate in the procurement process. To be placed on the Computerized Vendor list, complete and submit an EFSC Vendor Registration Form and W-9, both found on our Vendor Registration & Forms page, which is linked to through the left column. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of firm
  • Address: City, State, Zip + 4
  • Remittance address
  • FEIN or Social Security Number
  • M/WBE and SDVOSB Status & Type
  • Telephone Numbers, including Fax number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Website Home Page

It is your responsibility to ensure that EFSC Procurement is notified of any record change.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Assure that a current EFSC Vendor Registration Form is on file with EFSC - even if you have been awarded a bid in the past.   
  • Notify the Procurement Agent in writing (preferably via E-Mail) of any changes.
  • Read and understand each page of any solicitation which you receive.
  • Attend the Pre-Bid Conference (when applicable).
  • Double check your offer prior to submittal.
  • Ensure that your offer is made by the due date, and to the proper address.
  • Provide reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Provide all information as required in a RFP, ITB, or Quote.
  • If awarded, make delivery as specified.

Methods of Purchase: Click each for details

Informal Quotes (Up to $7,999.99)

Procurement Services solicits verbal or written quotes from selected vendors. The lowest quote that meets required specifications for the award is selected. Vendors should take particular care when quoting prices to assure accuracy. Quotes should be provided by the required date and time. One quote or telephone/fax confirmation naming the vendor and cost will suffice. All are encouraged to solicit quotes from a Brevard County business and/or a M/WBE/SDVOSB vendor whenever possible.

Written Quotes ($8,000 - $19,999.99)

Two formal quotes are solicited and can be received via fax or e-mail. The quote details the quantity of items being purchased and the College's specifications. Vendors must return the completed quote within the designated time period. Procurement staff reviews quotes and determines which vendor is the lowest responsive, responsible bidder for award purposes. At least one quote should be solicited from a Brevard County business and/or a M/WBE/SDVOSB vendor whenever possible.

Formal Sealed Bids ($20,000 and over)

Eastern Florida State College requires certain purchases below the $65,000 cost threshold to be bid through the competitive bidding processes. Additionally, all purchases $65,000 and over are acquired through the BID/RFP process (Pursuant to 287.017 FS), unless the goods/services are covered by one or more of the following competitively bid contract awards; State, City, County, School board or other cooperative agreement. A minimum of three (3) BID/RFP responses or three (3) quotes from approved vendors must be obtained. At least one quote or BID should be solicited from a Brevard County business and/or a M/WBE/SDVOSB vendor whenever possible.

  • Notices are published on our website informing the public of the products or services being bid.   
  • Bid packages are prepared with appropriate terms and conditions, and detailed Scope of Work or specifications including items bid, units, and total (or estimated) quantity desired, instructions for bidding, delivery information, and any special requirements for bidding. The date, time, and location for the Pre-Bid Conference and for the Public Bid Opening are also included.
  • Copies of the bid packages are mailed to vendors on the Bidder List. They are also made available for pick up at the Procurement Services Office.
  • Sealed bids or proposals are publicly opened and read at the time designated in the bid documents and legal notices.  
  • Bid tabulations showing bid results are posted in Procurement Services Office and on the website. A copy of the Bid Tabulation may be obtained by submitting a stamped, self addressed envelope with your bid.
  • Bids are evaluated and recommendations are forwarded to the appropriate level of authority for review, approval, and award.
  • Bids are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder(s) meeting EFSC specifications.
  • The College reserves the right to reject all bids or parts of bids when such rejection is in the best interest of the College. The College reserves the right to award all bids on an item-by-item basis or aggregate basis, whichever is deemed in the best interest of the College. These rights apply to all purchases regardless of dollar value.
  • Read all instructions carefully.  Failure to properly complete all bid forms and comply with all instructions may result in disqualification of your bid. Unsigned bids will be automatically rejected.
  • When bidding, please ensure that your bid is fully responsive and correct.  Common errors include (but are not limited to):
  1. Rounding off of price extension
  2. Rounding off unit price, but multiplying the “real/intended” unit price, so that the unit price as shown x quantity extension
  3. Incorrect decimal placement
  4. Incorrect price extensions
  5. Incorrect total bid price
  6. Bid results may be obtained by contacting Procurement Services.

Professional Services and Service Contracts

A variety of professional services are retained by EFSC to fulfill its work programs and objectives. These professional services fall into two major categories:
1.    Those governed by Florida Statutes (287.055), specifically, the Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA).
The CCNA pertains to guidelines for selecting consultants for specific types of services which include engineers, architects, landscape architects, surveying, and mapping services. The procedure generally includes:

  • Issuing a RFP
  • Pre-Proposal Conference
  • Receipt of proposals
  • Short-listing
  • Interviewing
  • Board approval
  • Negotiation
  • Execution of contract

Prices may not be requested until the negotiation stage of the procurement.
        2.   Non-CCNA Services
Non-CCNA professional services are handled very similarly to those that must meet CCNA requirements. However, the College may request pricing as a part of the written proposal.

Construction Contracts

Construction services are acquired by either a formal sealed bid process or by issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Construction Management at Risk Services. All construction bids are handled by the EFSC Facilities Department.

Procurement Services Partners

The Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at EFSC is a resource partner of the national and statewide Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. PTAC educates businesses on doing business with federal, state and local agencies. For more information on the SBDC or PTAC programs, call 321-433-5570 or click below to visit their website.

Martin Duffy, SBDC Director
3865 N Wickham Rd, Room 117, Bldg 10
Melbourne, FL 32935-2310