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The Florida Statutes listed below may pertain to more than community colleges, i.e., state agencies, counties or school boards, etc.

Click each statute's name to see details.

Procurement of Personal Property & Services

To see Definitions in Statute 287.012 view the statute online.

Purchasing Categories - Threshold Amounts

Category ONE = $  20,000
Category TWO = $  35,000
Category THREE = $  65,000
Category FOUR = $195,000
Category FIVE = $325,000

View online at Florida Statute 287.017

Procurement of Commodities or Contractual Services

Also please see SBE Rule 6A-14.0734

View Florida Statute 287.057

Contract Document

Use of Purchase Order or Contract

View Florida Statute 287.058

Local Bids & Contracts for Public Construction Works

Construction Contracts

View Florida Statute 255.20

Advertising for Competitive Bids or Proposals

Construction Advertising

View Florida Statute 255.0525 (2)

Public Business, Procurement

Advertisement of of Bids/RFPs

View Florida Statute 287.042(4)(b)

Bid Protests By Educational Boards

Additional Procedures for Particular Cases

Bid Protests
APPLICABLE TO PROTESTS TO CONTRACT SOLICITATION OR AWARD - Agencies subject to this chapter shall use the uniform rules of procedure, which provide procedures for the resolution of protests arising from the contract solicitation or award process.

View Florida Statute 120.57(3)

Penalties; Applicability of Sentencing Structures

Penalty for MBE Misrepresentation

View Florida Statute 775.082

Public Entity Crimes

Denial or revocation of the right to transact business with public entities

View Florida Statute 287.133

Disposal of Real Property

Tangible Personal Property

View Florida Statute 1013.28 (2)

Surplus Property - Community Colleges

Applies to Community Colleges by virtue of 235.04/1013.28

View Florida Statute 274.05

Inspection, examination and duplication of records; exceptions

Public Records:
Cost of Copies - 15 cents per page

Additional pages - 5 cents for each two-sided copy

Full Statute 119.07 (4)(a) 1 and 2

Sunshine Law

Public Meetings - Negotiations Meetings are exempt - FS 286.0113

View Florida Statute 286.011

Timely Payment

Prompt Payment Act: 30 days upon receipt of a correct invoice, in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act

View Florida Statute 218.73

Jessica Lunsford Act

Applies to persons who may have direct contact with students in grades kindergarten through 12. Certain contractors must comply.

View Florida Statute 1012.465