COVID Update:

Effective May 16, 2022, EFSC has returned to normal pre-COVID operations, with full capacity on-campus classes and events. Click for the COVID Reporting Requirements and the Return to Campus Approval Process which remain in place. See the Student Services Guide for on-campus services available on a walk-in basis or by appointment, plus virtual options. Read the latest updates .

Mobile-Friendly Website Tips

• A current web browser is needed to optimize your view of the college's website. The browser should not be a beta version, but a stable, official release.

• When viewing myEFSC and TitanWeb, Eastern Florida's secure Information Services Portal, certain web browsers are preferred. Review that current list below.

myEFSC & Titan Web support the following Internet browsers:

  • For best performance, update to latest version.
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

• There are video tutorials available for logging in, navigating and using the myEFSC Portal. Visit the student services tutorials page.

• In some browsers, elements such as content accordions on the public website may not open when first viewing the responsive design, mobile-friendly website until you clear your browser's cache. This is common because your web browser is trying to save you time by attempting to load elements from pages you've visited before. Here are steps to clear your cache in common browsers:

Clearing Cache in Firefox
In most versions, click the "History" link at the top of the browser window, then choose "Clear Recent History." Set the time frame to "Everything" and then have a check mark next to "cache" and then click "Clear Now." Refresh your browser window and the page elements should appear and work as designed. If using Firefox Version 32, you will click the "Menu" button; then choose "Options" and look for the "Clear Recent History" and proceed from there as described above. If Options is not showing in your Menu, click customize and drag Options from the list of "Additional Tools and Features" over to the Menu.

Clearing Cache in Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Select Clear browsing data.
  4. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove, in this case the Cached Images and Files box.
  5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
  6. Click Clear browsing data.

Clearing Cache in Internet Explorer
Click the gear symbol at the right side of your browser window; then click "Safety"; then "Delete Browsing History." You only need to check "Temporary Internet Files" - leave other boxes unchecked - and then click "Delete" to clear your cache.

IE delete cache

Clearing Cache in Safari
Under the "History" link at the top of your browser window, choose "Clear History" from the drop-down menu. You can preserve your "Top Sites" by clicking that choice. Then choose "Clear."

• After clearing your browser's cache in any of those four main browsers, refresh the website browser window and images and page elements should work as designed.

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer Viewing Issues

• In Internet Explorer (all versions) you need to be viewing the site with "Compatibility View" turned off or you may see the site in an unusual list view. You can do this two ways. One is to click the symbol that looks like a broken piece of paper in the box where you enter a website's address or URL. That will toggle Compatibility View on or off and once turned off the site should appear normal. You can also find Compatibility View settings under the "Tools" link. Compatibility View is a setting that is designed to help IE view older websites and should be turned off for most newer sites, included the College's.

• Internet Explorer 8 is an older browser and is no longer supported by Microsoft for the Windows XP operating system. The EFSC website does not appear as designed if using the older IE8 browser.

If you have questions not addressed here, please email the EFSC website manager. Thank you for your feedback about the website.