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Benefits & EFSC Employees

Full-time employees are offered a comprehensive benefits package, regular part-time employees are offered selected benefits, and both full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible for EFSC conveniences such as the dental clinic, the cosmetology salon, and the tuition program. For additional information, see the accordion listings below.

Eastern Florida State College offers full-time employees medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance and an employee assistance program as well as the option for a flexible spending account.

Choices for the medical insurance include a PPO plan, an HMO plan, and a health savings account plan with a PPO that is an HDHP. Spouse and family coverage is available at group rates.  

Information on specific health plans is located on the CANVAS site under the Academic Group – Human Resources choice. Forms required for the various benefits are available on Canvas as well as through the HR Office.

Other College forms may be found in the Document Center, also located inside the myEFSC Portal. Click on “View Documents,” then select the applicable department for the desired form. Leave forms, tuition program forms, emergency contact forms, etc. may be found in the Human Resources section; direct deposit forms, mileage logs, W-4 forms may be found in the Payroll section.

Available to full- and regular part-time employees

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Direct Deposit

(Procedure 304.1)

Employees are required to set up Direct Deposit or a Cash Pay account in order for the College to securely deposit payroll checks into each employee’s account.

Tax-sheltered Annuity Programs and Income Protection Plans are available with various College-approved companies through payroll deduction.

FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

(Procedure 305.8)

Full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible for FMLA benefits after working 1250 hours for the previous 12 months.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed into law by Congress and signed by President Clinton during 1993. FMLA is available to eligible Eastern Florida State College employees. Applications for Family and Medical Leave must be obtained from, and returned to, the Human Resources Office.

Please see EFSC College Procedure 305.8 or call the Human Resources Office for information on the use of this benefit.

To review the FMLA Employee Rights and Responsibilities, view this U.S. Labor Department document.

Holidays & Closures

Eastern Florida State College observes the following closures or holidays (with the exception of calendar years when the holiday falls on a weekend):

  • Martin Luther King Day (third Monday in January)
  • Spring Break Week (as designated by EFSC Academic Calendar)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Veteran's Day (November 11th)
  • Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday & Friday and other days that may be designated by the Academic Calendar) 
  • Winter Break (December 24th through January 1st and other days that may be designated by the Academic Calendar) 

* Regular part-time employees may submit vacation leave in order to be paid for a scheduled EFSC closure or holiday.

Military Leave

(Procedure 305.10)

Full-time employees and employees in part-time positions that are regularly-funded as defined by the Florida Retirement System are eligible for military leave, and are covered under USERRA laws regarding application for re-employment and service credit for retirement.

Workers’ Compensation Leave

(Procedure 305.17)

Employees are entitled to compensation for occupationally-incurred illnesses or injuries for a maximum of 12 calendar days annually. View more information.

Tuition Programs

(Procedure 307.6)
Tuition waivers are available for EFSC courses and reimbursements are available for courses taken at other SACS regionally-accredited or CHEA-recognized institutions to all employees who meet eligibility requirements.

(Procedure 307.7)
A tuition discount is available for eligible employee dependents.

Identification Badge

Your College photo ID badge is to be worn at all times while on campus in order to be easily identified by other employees as a person authorized to be in employee work areas.

Your badge may also be used as a library card and as a College pass or discount card for: on-campus sports, drama, or music events; and for the College bookstore (discounts on most items).

Cosmetology Salon / Dental Clinic

All EFSC employees may take advantage of a wide range of services available in the Cocoa Campus Cosmetology Salon and Dental Clinic.  Services are performed by advanced students, under the supervision of professional instructors, at modest prices.

Athletic Areas

EFSC personnel may schedule and use athletic and wellness facilities (subject to instructional schedule) such as basketball courts, physical conditioning rooms and golf range (nominal fee may apply).  Some activities may not be available on all campuses.

Additional Full-time Employee Benefits
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Childbirth/Adoption Leave

(Procedure 305.4)

This benefit is provided to full-time employees for up to six months for a birth or an adoption. The employee must submit a leave request 30 calendar days prior to the expected start of the leave time.

Court Duty/Jury Duty Leave

(Procedure 305.4)

Full-time employees called to serve on a jury panel or subpoenaed as a witness in a College-related case may be granted leave of absence with pay.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Eastern Florida State College's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by BayCare Behavioral Health. All full-time College employees and their dependents are automatically covered under the EAP, a completely confidential service that allows full-time employees and their families to receive counseling for problems not usually covered under group health plans. Licensed and insured EAP counselors will help supervisors, employees and family members deal with problematic job and personal situations.

If a full-time employee or family member needs help, he or she simply calls BayCare by dialing the 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-878-5470.

More information about the EAP is available by logging into the myEFSC Portal and selecting Canvas  > Academic Group - Human Resources  > Full-Time Employee Benefits. In the Benefits section, scroll down the page to find the "Additional Benefits Available" link, click that and then select Employee Assistance Program near the top of the listing.

Professional Leave with or without Pay

(Procedures 305.13)

If the employee meets eligibility requirements, professional leave may be granted for up to a year to engage in activities that will result in a benefit both to the employee and to the College.  The institutional time commitment to the College is equal to the length of the professional leave.

Sick Leave

(Procedure 305.15)

All full-time personnel accrue 8 hours for each month of service. Sick leave may be accumulated from year to year.

Full-time employees are also entitled to 32 personal or emergency leave hours during each fiscal year (if the employee has an available balance of hours). Personal leave does not accumulate from year to year and is deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance.

Sick Leave Pool

(Procedure 305.15)

The Sick Leave Pool has been established to help an incapacitated full-time employee whose leave has been exhausted.  Employee participation is voluntary.  After completing one year of continuous full-time employment with the College, employees are eligible to join the Pool.  Consult the Procedures Manual for the other rules pertaining to membership in the Pool and the use of this benefit.  

Vacation/Annual Leave

(Procedure 305.16)

Full-time College personnel employed on a 12-month basis accrue vacation at the rate of 8 to 12 hours per month, depending upon the number of years of full-time service. These days are in addition to paid holidays:

0-5 years of service -   8 hours per month
6-10 years of service - 10 hours per month
11+ years of service -  12 hours per month

Externally-funded employees must use vacation time annually by the end of each funding year.


(Procedures 307.1 and 307.2)

Health: EFSC offers full-time employees medical, dental, vision, disability, and an employee assistance program as well as the option for a flexible spending account. Choices for the medical insurance include a PPO plan, an HMO plan, and a health savings account plan with a PPO that is an HDHP. Spouse and family coverage is available at group rates.  

Life: Each full-time employee receives free term life insurance payable to the beneficiary in an amount equal to the employee’s annual salary, rounded to the nearest thousand dollars. Additional life insurance may be purchased for a modest premium.


(Procedure 307.3)

Full-time employees participate in the Florida Retirement System and are vested after 8 years of creditable service in the Pension Plan or after 1 year in the Investment Plan. Employees contribute a percentage per pay period to FRS.

View FRS guidelines on the use of financial planners with a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA).

Additional Part-time Employee Benefits
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Mandatory FICA Alternative

(Procedure 304.4)

For all part-time instructors, EFSC withholds from bi-weekly paychecks approximately the same dollar amount as previous Social Security deduction by using pre-tax dollars.  This amount, as required by IRS, is paid into individual investment accounts and will continue to be owned by the employees even when no longer employed by EFSC.


(Procedure 305.16)

Part-time College personnel who are employed on a 12-month basis and who regularly work at least 20 hours per week with a minimum of 40 hours per month are eligible for vacation leave. These employees accrue vacation time at the rate of four to six hours per month, depending on the number of years of service to EFSC.

0-5 years of service - 4 hours per month
6-10 years of service - 5 hours per month
11+ years of service - 6 hours per month

Externally-funded employees must use vacation time annually by the end of each grant year.

Life Insurance                          

(Procedures 307.1 and 307.2)

Part-time College employees working in a regularly-established position are eligible for $10,000 of life insurance. This is a College-paid benefit.