Keeping our campuses clean

EFSC complies with the cleaning standards established by the Florida Department of Education for a community college. Essentially the standard requires that:

Floors and base moldings shine and/or are bright and clean. There is no buildup in corners or along walls, but there can be up to two days' worth of dirt, dust, stains, or streaks.

  • All vertical and horizontal surfaces are clean, but marks, dust, smudges, and fingerprints are noticeable with close observation.
  • Washroom and shower tile and fixtures gleam and are odor-free. Supplies are adequate.
  • Trash containers and pencil sharpeners are empty, clean, and odor-free.  

Cleaning Schedule

The Custodial Services contract outlines the specific custodial responsibilities and the frequency of the duties to be performed. The majority of the cleaning is accomplished from 5 PM to 1 AM.

• Classrooms, laboratories, public assembly areas and restrooms are cleaned daily.
• Offices, conference rooms, office support areas are cleaned two days each week.

A small group of custodians known as "day porters" work during the day at all four campuses. The day porters' primary responsibility is to respond to custodial issues that may occur during the day. They also clean areas that are inaccessible during the evening hours and are responsible for freshening bathrooms and emptying cigarette bins and trash cans.

Contractor Information

AM-KO is the custodial services company contracted to provide custodial services for Eastern Florida State College. Currently, AM-KO employs 80 workers and a 6 person management team to oversee the cleaning of EFSC's four campuses. AM-KO is also available (upon request and approval) to provide custodial services for college/privately sponsored events held on EFSC property.

As EFSC's Director for Custodial Services, Bob Jones is responsible for managing the terms of the contract, as well as evaluating the overall performance of AM-KO.

Contacts & Work Order

Unexpected Cleaning Needs:
• Call ext. 7200 to report liquid spills, water flowing, floods and broken glass or shards
• Call Campus Security to report a hazardous condition or the presence of bodily fluids that need to be removed
• Cleaning needs that do not require an urgent response, click here to initiate a work order

Extracurricular Event or Non-College Affiliated Group Custodial Services Request:
• Contact Jackie Pellmann

Questions or Concerns? Contact:
Bob Jones, Dir., Custodial Services