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Accordian Table

IPC J-STD-001 Course

This course consists of five modules and is the preeminent standard for electronics assembly manufacturing. The first module is a prerequisite for all other modules and is the all-lecture component of the certification.

Upon successful completion of the first module, students then begin the hands-on modules in the soldering lab. Students will use a practice board and then a final circuit board project to demonstrate skills of circuit board assembly and acceptable solder workmanship.

It is the student's responsibility to attend each class meeting. Classroom attendance is required in order to test and receive certification in that module.

Each student will receive: IPC Examination, Specialist Handbook, Soldering Kit and an Official IPC Serialized Certificate (upon successful examination).

Topics include:

Module 1: Specification Review (Mandatory)
Module 2: Wire Preparation & Terminal
Module 3: Through-hole Soldering
Module 4: Surface Mount Soldering SMT
Module 5: Inspection & Process Control.

Microsoft Office User Specialist

Word 1
Word Introduction - Computer Participants will learn to open, navigate, create, & save documents, enter, move, insert, cut, copy, & paste text, format & align text & insert clip art. Prerequisite Working knowledge of Windows.

Word 2
Intermediate Word for Computers Participants will learn to create and use autotext, autocorrect, & page numbers, create & apply styles & paragraph formatting, insert columns & sections, create & modify tables, create & print envelopes & labels, and save as a web page. Prerequisite Intro Word or equivalent experience.

Excel 1
Excel for Computers Participants learn to create travel expense reports, project income & expenses, enter, edit, move, and copy data, enter formulas and functions, format numbers, text, and work sheets.

Excel 2
Excel Intermediate - Computers Increase magnification, switch to full screen view, split the windows, remove split windows, and freeze the panes, formatting chart objects, creating pie charts, adding a data table and more. Prerequisite: Excel Intro or equivalent

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