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Whether you're a professional traveling for your company or an individual wanting to explore your ancestor language, we can help with these lively, non-credit classes in French and Spanish. From beginning to advanced courses, you'll find an option that fits your needs in an interactive and affordable classroom setting. 

Our qualified instructors have years of teaching experience. They have a following of students who return for multiple semesters.

Start with a beginning class. Students will learn basic vocabulary, basic word recognition and enunciation. Professionals and travelers also will gain important cultural insights, including the cultural values and differences that will give you and your company the respect needed to work and visit outside of the United States.

Move to the next class level with your instructor in a continued sequence. Successful completion of each class earns the student an Eastern Florida State College certificate of achievement.

Explore the language choices below.

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Beginning French - (IBMX 0014)

New to the French Language? Bring a friend and start with a beginning French class on the Melbourne campus. Students will learn and use basic vocabulary, basic word recognition, enunciation and some writing for professional and travel use. Gain an introduction to the culture of the French people.

French, Interaction and Conversation - (IBMX 0054)

This course is for those students who have studied French (even if many years ago), and wish to continue to develop their conversational skills. Students will have an opportunity to interact and practice French conversation as well as writing for business and travel use. A lively class to help you step into the French culture. 


Beginning Spanish - (IBMX 0005)

This beginner's Spanish course will focus on conversational communication skills with an emphasis on interpersonal communication in cross-cultural communication. 

Intermediate Spanish - (IBMX 0020)

This intermediate Spanish course will continue the communication skills learned in Beginning Spanish, as well as, teach grammar, writing, and communication needed in the workplace. 

Advanced Spanish - (IBMX 0021)

This advanced Spanish course is a continuation of vocabulary, word recognition, enunciation, and some writing for professional and travel use taught in the intermediate class. Emphasis is on oral and auditory comprehension using grammar topics as a tool. 

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