Corrections Academy: Estimated Cost of Tuition and Lab Fees Only

NOTE: To qualify for Florida Resident tuition, proof of residency in Florida must be shown for at least one year, according to EFSC Residency guidelines. If a student is employed by a state agency in a job-related corrections position and student fees are paid for by that agency, the student will qualify for the Florida Residency tuition rate.

Catalog Year 2019-20 Tuition Rates
(tuition rates subject to change)

FL Resident Tuition 420 Clock Hours at current rate of $2.56 per clock hour $1,075.20
Lab fees Medical, Defensive Tactics, Firearms $442.00

  Total Tuition:  $1517.20
Out-of-State Tuition 420 Clock Hours at current rate of $10.25 per clock hour $ 4305.00
Lab fees Medical, Defensive Tactics, Firearms $442.00

  Total Tuition: $ 4747.00


Financial Aid

You may contact an agency to sponsor you through the Academy OR you may sponsor yourself through the academy: 

  • If you become employed by an agency (see #3 above), your agency will provide you with paid training (they will pay your tuition, lab fees, and other expenses).
  • Contact our EFSC Veteran's Affairs Advisor at 433-5532 if you are entitled to Veteran's benefits
  • If you have a Florida Pre-Paid College Plan, please see important information on the Florida Prepaid Plans page
  • This program DOES NOT qualify for Eastern Florida State College financial aid. It DOES NOT meet the criteria for funding through FAFSA.  It is NOT eligible for a Pell grant. 
  • Sometimes funding or scholarships may be available at Brevard Workforce (Formally known as Brevard Job Link) Contact Brevard Workforce for the eligibility requirements in their programs at (321) 504-7600 or go online to
Self-Sponsored individuals should wait until they have been accepted into the academy and have their funding established for this program before purchasing the following items:

Additional Program Costs

Uniforms: @$300

Cost of uniforms depends on your sponsorship. UNIFORMS MUST BE ORDERED AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE START OF THE ACADEMY.
All applicants: Shoes are not included in the uniform price. All students are
required to have black military boots (must be able to hold a shine) and black
athletic shoes suitable for running and vigorous physical training. Students must
also purchase black shiny laced shoes.

 All applicants: @$300 includes the following items: 2 dress shirts, 2
 uniform pants, 1 hat, 1 belt, 3 T-shirts (2 short, 1 long), 2 BDU pants, and 2 athletic
shorts. Once accepted to the program, a uniform order form will be made
available prior to the start of the academy.

Books: @$20

Books can only be purchased through the EFSC Melbourne Campus Bookstore.

Supplies: Varies

Prior to the start of the Academy, students will be provided with a supply list with specific guidelines for various school supplies ( notebook, paper, note cards, etc).

Fingerprinting: $65

Special Admission requirement: If you are SELF-SPONSORED, (NOT EMPLOYED by DOC or BCSO), you must be fingerprinted (FCIC/NCIC) to determine your criminal history. Fingerprint reports are valid for 6 months. You will also be required to explain and provide official documentation showing the disposition of any cases found in your fingerprinting report (criminal history), and submit them with your Corrections Academy Biographic Application. Call Nann Dragonette at Brevard Police Testing Center for an appointment to be fingerprinted at 321-433-5640.

Graduation Fee: $20

This fee is incurred by all students completing a degree or certificate program.


State Exam: $150

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to take the FDLE State Officer Certification Exam. It is the students' responsibility to register themselves to take this exam. The cost of this exam is payable to FDLE one month prior to the end of the academy. This fee is subject to increase.